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Tax and Benefits Across Borders – Don’t Get Caught Out

UK-originated benefits are a problem too; according to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), it has recently managed to secure £1.1 billion in reclaimed benefits from expats who should not have been receiving payment.

Fraudulent or negligent personal wealth management in Spain would appear to be a particular problem, with as many as 10,000 expats in the country prosecuted or fined for breaches in this regard.

However, it is likely that not all cases of tax and/or benefit fraud are deliberate. Some expats who are unaware of the rules, or confused by them, may make mistakes in good faith or sometimes as a result of negligent wealth management advice.

Fortunately, the DWP is prepared to make some distinction between benefit and pension overpayment cases that are clearly instances of intentional fraud and those that come about as a result of negligent mismanagement or misunderstanding.

In terms of the consequences for misdemeanours, approximately 50% of cases result in individuals being ordered to repay benefits in full, while the rest not only have to repay sums but also receive prosecution and a substantial fine.

HMRC adopts a similar approach to tax errors that are made in good faith and those that are made deliberately.

It is a difficult problem for the British government, HMRC and the DWP to address; nearly 4 million British citizens live outside the UK and there are a complex range of options available for both tax collection and benefit payments. Advice and clarity are clearly essential in this regard.

Tax reporting requirements for investment funds are constantly changing. Many EU countries, including the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have recently modified or introduced new tax reporting regimes.

Getting it right with Blacktower

As an established wealth management firm in Spain, Germany and other major UK expat hubs, Blacktower has a detailed understanding of all the country-specific and cross-border tax and asset issues that affect you. For more information, contact us today.

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Brexit Day 12 update

Much has happened since I last put pen to paper in the immediate aftermath of the referendum result and I thought it sensible to comment on some of the issues which are emerging from the ‘swirling fog’ that we experiencing. July 24th 2016, reminded me of September 12th 2001 in New York, with people walking around in shock, confused at the attack on the political and economic system. To be angry at the shock of the unexpected result and how that might affect everyone’s life is a natural and rational response, however much it might seem otherwise. Last week I wrote that the result was not a disaster and the financial system was capable of absorbing this shock, in short, my view has not changed.

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Gibraltar Annex to Withdrawal Agreement

Gibraltar flagAnyone with Gibraltar wealth management concerns will almost certainly be dipping into the very depths of their patience presently as they await resolution of their status during the protracted and uncertain times of Brexit negotiation.

The British Overseas Territory on the south coast of Spain, affectionately referred to as “the Rock”, has long been both an idyllic international outpost and a source of contention between the UK and Spain. This fact has been somewhat compounded by Brexit, with Spain using talks as an opportunity to lay down new demands over the headland’s status.

While Spain has agreed that it will not seek to push for full sovereignty over the territory during negotiations, the latest development concerns Spain’s desire to have the EU make specific provision for the future status of Gibraltar as part of the Withdrawal Agreement.

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