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The very beginnings of what is now the Blacktower Group can be traced back to 1986 and in the more than three decades since the firm opened its doors for the first time it has grown into one of the industry’s most respected providers of independent wealth management and ex-pat investment management advice.  Indeed, the growth of Blacktower is reflected in the status of its Managing Director and founder, John Westwood, who is now a board member of The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisors.

However, the journey into ex-pat investment management didn’t begin until 1996 when Blacktower opened its office in the Algarve, Portugal. Soon afterwards, what is now Blacktower Financial Management (International) Ltd’s head office opened in Gibraltar. Nowadays, these offices are just two of sixteen around Europe, with further offices in Grand Cayman, US and Cyprus – all evidence of Blacktower’s commitment to reaching out to new clients and continued growth.

If you’re a Blacktower client, you will benefit from first class financial advice wherever you might be living in the world and because our trusted advisers speak the languages and understand the jurisdictions of the countries they work in, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a service that reflects not only who you are but also where you live.

What we do for you

As part of Blacktower’s commitment to continued growth we provide a range of services including the new Nexus Portfolio Range, which includes the following products. 

  • The Nexus Global Solutions Portfolio – for wealth and capital growth over the medium-term. Highly diversified, highly liquid and highly adaptable with a focus on major developed countries.
  • The Nexus Global Dynamic Portfolio – an actively managed, globally diversified, equity portfolio with a focus on capital appreciation.
  • The Nexus Global Income Portfolio – is geared towards low risk and high returns from sustainable business investment.

 Our offering ensures clients benefit from a range of products and services, all of which have earned their place in the Blacktower portfolio because of their strong performance history. 

  • Wealth management and tax planning – Blacktower helps clients protect, preserve and grow their wealth with a personalised service that is built on building relationships and meeting investment objectives.
  • Education fee planning and international pension planning – helping utilise regular savings to meet your short, medium and long term financial objectives.
  • QROPS and SIPPs transfers – help with your pension planning, including tax efficient transfers to your country of choice.

 In addition, we can help with a range of matters from ensuring effective regular savings to UK and US specific financial services and Discretionary Fund Management. 

Helping you achieve your goals

Blacktower can help you achieve all your key financial goals, from education fee planning to savings, pension planning and sound wealth management. We are a leading firm and use our experience and qualifications to help you find the right products for your circumstances, personal or business, home or abroad. 

 We have consultants throughout Europe who, as well as speaking English, also speak the language of the country they operate in. 

Why not browse through our website now or download one of our monthly factsheets to see exactly what we do and how we plan to go forward with you.

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