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At Blacktower we specialise in the protection, preservation and growth of your wealth.

Stability and comfort comes from understanding well your history, dynamics and aims.

It is always our goal with each client to build a strong relationship that allows us to feel the compelling need driving your investment objectives; therefore you can get on with your life peacefully, knowing that your wealth is working for you.

Our Wealth Management solutions are a strategic, ongoing process customised to your unique needs and goals in constantly changing market conditions.

You are unique and your needs are too.

Wealth Management Solutions include:-

  • Access to top rated Private Banks
  • Discretionary Fund Management solutions
  • Tax effective investing dependant on your own tax status and residency
  • Pension and Retirement Wealth Management
  • Non-Discretionary Fund Adviser service; Advice on Risk and Asset Allocation


Effective tax planning, in both the UK and internationally, plays a significant role in your overall wealth management programme. Careful planning of your Tax and Inheritance Tax liabilities is vital wherever you are resident. Whilst not Tax Advisers, Blacktower’s general knowledge and understanding of the taxation systems in the UK, across the EU and further afield, means that we can help you to make the most of your personal position. Where detailed advice/opinion is required, we can recommend the services of professional tax advisers.

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