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This week it was announced that Barclays Banks across Europe have decided that unless a customer has at least £100,000 in their account they will be asked to close it.  My thoughts are this:

• How disgusting to get you on board initially and then change the criteria so that you must leave. What a cheek and what an inconvenience !

• Who would put such a large amount of cash with one institution with such a patchy reputation, anyway? 


This week I have taken on an 80 year old client who had an investment in a Spanish bank and they were told that they could release their invested funds without a charge. Not only were they investing 50% equities for a very cautious client (this is far too volatile), but that were charging Euro 3K in various forms to release it on just a Sterling 20,000 investment.  To be fair, the name of the bank does have the word “bad” in it.  The Clients are now safely under Blacktower’s wing.

by Dave Diggle, International Financial Adviser Costa Blanca

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Make Sure You Receive Financial Advice Before Investing in a Tourism Property

House on a Spanish hillsideIf you are serious about receiving the best financial advice in Spain, chances are any adviser you choose will recommend that, in the absence of a committed property investment strategy, you do not invest too heavily in Spanish real estate.

However, for the enthusiastic expat who has recently fallen in love with the country and the idea of owning a small piece, or perhaps a larger chunk, of its picturesque and romantic charms, it can be hard to resist.

But the truth is that there is often a reason why a property might be going at a bargain basement rate. For example, investment in whole abandoned villages in isolated locations such as Aragón and Galicia has recently become something of a phenomenon, when the reality is that the outlay, which can be under €100,000, will buy you little more than a dilapidated shell without water, gas, electricity, telephone or internet services. So, making your bargain purchase habitable in these circumstances is likely to cost at least ten times as much the initial purchase price.

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Is joint-sovereignty on the cards for Gibraltar?

GibraltarThere have been new developments regarding Gibraltar in recent Brexit negotiations and they should give Gibraltarians hope that Spain will refrain from making any unnecessary demands to make things difficult for Britain.

Spain’s foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, has confirmed that Spain will not “jeopardise” any Brexit agreement in a bid to reclaim the Rock. “I won’t make an agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom conditional on recovering sovereignty over Gibraltar,” Dastis said, speaking to the Spanish newspaper ABC.

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