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Cocktail, art & forum events in Antibes & Monaco

Hosted by Brigitte Rupp, our Financial Adviser for France, there was an art exhibition of selected contemporary works provided by Galerie Oscar and some great talks. David Miller, from Quilter Cheviot, discussed Investing in 2016; Andy McKay, from IDAD, spoke about Securing Growth in all Market Conditions; and Tony van Vuuren, of Acces International, gave a talk on Monaco, the Ultimate Tax Haven. The BFMI Director, Paul Brown, gave a brief overview of The Blacktower Group services available.

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Tax changes for second home owners in France after Brexit

Paris Street, FranceIf you’ve moved overseas or have a second home in France, you may be used to calling several places home. After all, living in France won’t always mean completely cutting ties with your country of origin as you may still have family living there or own other property.

But when you own property abroad, it’s crucial to stay up to date with any tax legislation and law reforms in that country, or you could be in for a nasty shock. That’s why it’s so important to take charge of your wealth management to make the most of your second property in France.

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