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Expats should consider short-term appeal of regular savings, says report

Of course, this does not mean that those looking to save for their retirement should automatically look to put their cash into savings; it simply means that those looking for a low-risk strategy could do worse – Lewis’s study found that unlike shares, savings always produce profitable returns.

“People who prefer the safety of cash can make returns that beat those on tracker funds,” said Lewis. “Over the longer-term shares are likely to do better but I wanted to find out when the boundary is. My research shows that it’s only at about 18 years that the balance turns in favour of shares over cash.”

Lewis’s data showed savings accounts outperforming shares in the majority of five-year periods beginning each month from 1 January 1995 to the present. However over the course of 21 years the tracker yielded a compound annual return of 6%, superior by one percentage point to that produced by best buy savings accounts.

It should be noted, however, that in order to achieve the best possible returns on regular savings, expats need to become what Lewis terms “active savers”. This means that every year they need to move their savings between ‘best-buy’ accounts.

What Lewis’s study certainly underlines is the importance of good expat financial advice. There are so many variables applying to both people and the products they choose that good guidance is imperative.

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Gibraltar National Day celebrations illustrate the Rock’s British pride

Gibraltar FlagThe Rock has recently celebrated a special date: Gibraltar National Day, which happens on September 10 and marks the anniversary of the 1967 sovereignty referendum, when citizens chose whether to remain under British rule or pass over to Spanish sovereignty. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour of staying British.

This year, over 3,000 Gibraltarians dressed in red and white, honouring their beloved territory’s flag, and filled Casemates Square for a rally. This was then followed by festivities including fireworks, a helicopter drop of petals, and blasts of red and white smoke.

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HMRC report details French QROPS

According to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) there has been little change in the market for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)s in the two weeks ending August 2016.

The continued uptake of QROPS in France is likely to be a factor behind this, with the number of offshore pensions available in the world rising by four to pass the 1,250 mark for the first time – the fact that nine schemes were delisted was more than offset by the opening of 13 new schemes.

French QROPS remain one of the most popular. However, QROPS are available across 42 different jurisdictions, with Australia still the foremost QROPS centre; its 302 available schemes account for around one-quarter of the those available across the world.

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