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French PM makes expat tax regime commitment

“We want to build the financial capital of the future,” said the PM. “In a word, now is the time to come to France.”

As many consumers of expat financial services in France already know, the French tax regime allows for tax deductions for non-salary benefits – for example, assistance for education fees.

The government also indicated that it would try to create more favourable working conditions for British wealth management firms looking to operate in France.

However, one potential stumbling block is the issue of freedom of movement; France agrees with other EU countries that British financial firms should be allowed to retain free access to EU markets only if Britain remains committed to the principle.

To find out more about how the current climate in Europe could affect your financial future, contact Blacktower today for expert expat financial services you can trust.

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It all began when some friends and I decided to set up an independent IFA firm back in the mid 80s and consequently Blacktower was born. I honestly didn’t think that 30 years later I would still be here managing the Pan European and International Wealth Management company that Blacktower has evolved into today.

Starting our careers in London with Schroder Financial Management gave all four of the founding directors of Blacktower a great background and insight into the industry as it was back in the early 80s, and we had all enjoyed the success of representing such a great brand as Schroders.

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Work and Calculator on BenchInvesting is rarely risk-free, so it’s important to have a strong grasp of what you’re getting involved with. And structured note investments are no different. Outlining what this form of investment is, in as plain terms as possible, we offer detail around the types of structured notes and the complexities that you should be aware of.

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