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French PM makes expat tax regime commitment

“We want to build the financial capital of the future,” said the PM. “In a word, now is the time to come to France.”

As many consumers of expat financial services in France already know, the French tax regime allows for tax deductions for non-salary benefits – for example, assistance for education fees.

The government also indicated that it would try to create more favourable working conditions for British wealth management firms looking to operate in France.

However, one potential stumbling block is the issue of freedom of movement; France agrees with other EU countries that British financial firms should be allowed to retain free access to EU markets only if Britain remains committed to the principle.

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Other News

Chinese Investment Could Hold Key to Future of Grand Cayman Wealth Management

Maneki NekoThe Cayman Islands has signalled its intention to invite greater Chinese investment opportunities following recent corporate events in Asia in which Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott spoke about the potential for increasing collaboration.

While attending events in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, Scott, whose organisation is charged with protecting, promoting and developing the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry “through cooperation and engagement with domestic and international political leaders, regulators, organisations and media”, spoke of how The Cayman Islands could use their status in the wealth management industry to benefit Chinese investment.

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Exploring gender pay gaps around Europe

New study reveals the best and worst countries for the gender pay gap When it comes to equality and finance, one of the biggest talking points around the world is the gender pay gap. But there are other factors to consider when analysing the situation, including the cost of living for an individual compared to […]

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