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French PM makes expat tax regime commitment

“We want to build the financial capital of the future,” said the PM. “In a word, now is the time to come to France.”

As many consumers of expat financial services in France already know, the French tax regime allows for tax deductions for non-salary benefits – for example, assistance for education fees.

The government also indicated that it would try to create more favourable working conditions for British wealth management firms looking to operate in France.

However, one potential stumbling block is the issue of freedom of movement; France agrees with other EU countries that British financial firms should be allowed to retain free access to EU markets only if Britain remains committed to the principle.

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Could payments to expat pensions stop after Brexit?

CoinsBrexit has thrown up so many concerns for expats already that it’s no wonder expats are feeling jittery.

And now it has emerged that private pension providers based in the UK are in danger of not being able to pay pensions to British expats after Britain leaves the EU in 2019.

The risk is so significant that Nicky Morgan, chair of the Treasury select committee, has written a letter raising his concern about the matter to Phillip Hammond, asking the chancellor whether he plans to discuss the problem soon during Britain’s exit negotiations.

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Vulnerable UK Expat clients and their UK advisers left short by lack of Professional Indemnity cover

Rosemary SheppardBrexit has led to many unintended consequences surrounding financial services for UK expats living abroad. The main one being that most UK financial advisers will not now be able to advise or manage their clients UK financial products such as pensions and investments whilst their clients are living in the EU.  Now the latest hurdle UK financial advisers are facing is Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) which will not extend to UK expats resident in the EU.

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