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Details of McGregor’s estate opportunity to remember Cayman Islands work

Although McGregor made his name developing tax planning trusts in the Cayman Islands, helping clients avoid punitive UK tax provisions, he also published a seminal work on UK personal injury law, served as president of the Harvard Law Association for twenty years, was Warden of New College Oxford for more than a decade, regularly shared his love of music with others by performing the work of Noel Coward and Cole Porter at private parties, and he was appointed CBE in 2014 for his services to law and education.

But it is perhaps for his wealth management work in the Cayman Islands that McGregor will best be remembered. Today the British Overseas Territory generates $1.2 billion of its GDP through the financial services industry while it is also rated by HSBC as the friendliest destination in the world for expats. Indeed, it is the only place in the world with more registered companies than inhabitants.

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Potential loss of free movement for Britons high on Brexit talks agenda

Passenger PlaneAs Brexit negotiations continue, the freedom of movement that expats in Europe will be entitled to is still unclear.

While many expats are worried about whether they’ll have trouble staying in their destination of choice in a post-Brexit world, it now appears that they may also be in a difficult situation if they ever plan to move anywhere else.

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Portugal becomes Europe’s most popular destination for American Expats

Research reveals that Portugal is quickly becoming the favourite location for Americans moving overseas to Europe, outranking the previously preferred destinations of Spain and France for the first time. With its beautiful and varied landscape, fantastic food and welcoming locals, Portugal has always been a popular location for expats, both working and retired. However, in […]

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