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Diversity has the ‘X-Factor’

The reason behind this is that fund performance varies, depending on what is affecting the underlying assets. These include how the economy is doing, market sentiment and sectors it chooses or avoids.

The manager’s style, too, will come in and out of favour. Some managers like to pick out-of-favour companies and wait for the business to be turned around; others like stocks which pay a steady dividend for a reliable income stream.  So, if you pick a fund that has been a top performer for the past five years, it may be due a change in fortune.

When I am advising clients, I tend to look at what to recommend by using a different method than pure past performance.  Clearly, I am not going to pick poor performers thinking that they will be due an upturn.  The starting point must be an appreciation that, to get the best benefit, the investment is for the long term.  We are not looking for quick fixes but to take advantage of market fluctuations.  Therefore, picking funds is based on what I believe in for the long term.

What I am also looking for is diversity, using the investment profile that the client completes allows me to choose funds suitable for them in different sectors, regions and assets.  This allows for a more temperate approach as there will be checks and balances within the portfolio as funds rise and fall.  The adage that, it’s not timing the market, but time in the market, to get good returns still holds true. If you haven’t reviewed your investments for some time I am happy to arrange to see you to discuss what, if any, changes I would recommend.



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Pension Freedoms. Are they for you?

Readers may remember the pension freedoms announced by George Osborne in 2014.  These became effective on April the 6th this year. The fanfare accompanying the announcement and indeed subsequently is often set against the backdrop of pensioners sat in Daimlers or on Yachts having drawn all their money out and lavished it on some frivolous purchase.

The reforms promised that over 55’s would have access to their pension cash as they pleased whether it was the full amount or in small payments. Or indeed it could be left invested. The choices on offer appeared staggering, always bearing in mind that there are tax implications for taking large sums.

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