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The Plot Thickens on the Pension Agenda…

As you are no longer a resident of the UK, and are therefore not a UK tax payer, you will no longer automatically be allocated a Personal Tax Code – herein lies a potential issue.  Yes, you can still take the 25% tax free lump sum, but the remainder of your pension pot will initially be taxed at either the Emergency Tax Code Rate of 1060L (W1, M1 [allowing you to earn £1,060 before paying tax in any tax year]) OR be allocated a BR (Basic Rate) Code of 20%, until HMRC decides upon which Tax Code you are eligible for as a non-resident.   

Most importantly, in order for you to reclaim any overpayment of tax due, you would then have to apply for a refund with the Hacienda here in Tenerife.  This would, of necessity, require the services of a Gestoria to assist in the completion of the not uncomplicated paperwork involved in such a claim, and also the additional paperwork of an annual tax return (should you not already be required to complete).  In addition to this, if you have not previously completed the Modelo 720, which is a requirement for anyone with Worldwide assets in excess of approximately £40,000 residing in Spain, which of course includes any Pension Provision (and was discussed in last month´s column) then it may well be the case that in order to claim any overpayment via the Hacienda, you will need to declare such assets.

What seemed initially as a great offer from the UK Government in being able to cash in your pension pot is now, for expats anyway, becoming a very difficult and possibility unwise decision to take when considering the overall picture and it may be more tax efficient certainly to consider transferring the whole of the pension elsewhere.

In addition to this, there are a number of Pension Providers in the UK, including Friends Life, who are not actually offering policyholders Flexi-Access Drawdown currently.

If you are in any doubt about how the changes will affect you personally, or are unsure about whether the decision to access a lump sum is right for you now, please seek professional advice.

By Laura Mann, Regional Manager Canary Islands

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Brexit Day 12 update

Much has happened since I last put pen to paper in the immediate aftermath of the referendum result and I thought it sensible to comment on some of the issues which are emerging from the ‘swirling fog’ that we experiencing. July 24th 2016, reminded me of September 12th 2001 in New York, with people walking around in shock, confused at the attack on the political and economic system. To be angry at the shock of the unexpected result and how that might affect everyone’s life is a natural and rational response, however much it might seem otherwise. Last week I wrote that the result was not a disaster and the financial system was capable of absorbing this shock, in short, my view has not changed.

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Expats make property a priority before Spanish renaissance

Yachts in MallorcaExpat financial advisers in Spain have been helping numerous British expats arrange their financial affairs so they can take advantage of the relatively low property prices across the country. Many properties could soon be unaffordable, but are still currently within tantalising reach for those who have the means.

Experts are warning that this period of opportunity cannot continue forever, as it is expected that the Spanish economy will soon rebound from a recent period of trouble with what is anticipated to be a marked and prolonged period of prosperity.

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