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Food for expat thought: Takeaway anyone?

Emery added that, while there are a lot of great things about living in France, “You just can’t get a good curry”. So, the unusual delivery was arranged through a Facebook group of like-minded expats.

Yes, this is quite extreme, and some expats may disagree with the group’s verdict on Indian food in France, but the group’s mission does go to show how much expats can miss a taste of home from time to time.

If you find yourself in a similar position, there may be no need to go to such lengths.

Hope for hungry expats

If it’s British food you miss, you’re in luck.

As well as Emery, and his friends, there have been many other expats before him who’ve craved their native diet – expats such as Mark Callahan. Speaking to the Guardian, Callahan explained how he missed small British essentials such as Kellogg’s cereal, Tetley tea, and Heinz Baked Beans when living in America. So when he heard of the British Corner Shop, a food exportation business set up in 1999, he knew he had found his true calling and proceeded to take over the company in 2004.

The British Corner Shop (BCS) now sells favourite British food brands and delivers them to expats worldwide (and there’s no shortage of similar businesses, with Britsuperstore and British Shop Abroad offering the same service).

According to figures released by BCS, the most popular items ordered on the site include Warburton crumpets, Cadbury chocolate, Heinz tomato soup, and McVities biscuits.

Beat the expat blues

Whether it’s good old fish and chips, Hob Nobs or maybe even the infamous British weather that you’re missing, there are plenty of effective remedies available to help cure your longings. Just take a look at our blog on beating the homesickness bug for more advice.

Although it can be hard to predict the little things you’ll miss while living abroad you can predict, at least to some degree, how moving overseas will affect your finances and how you can maximise your wealth to help you better prepare for the future, especially when it comes to expat retirement planning.

Contact Blacktower today for some independent financial advice. While we can’t make you a curry, we can provide hot wealth management advice.

This communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute, and should not be construed as, investment advice, investment recommendations or investment research. You should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this communication is correct, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions.

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QROPS Uptake is in Decline but Suitability is Still the Key Question

Tick and CrossNew data from HM Revenue & Customs reveals that the combined value of retirement transfers to QROPS fell to £740 million in the 2017-2018 tax year, the first period since the government introduced a 25% tax charge, with the number of pension transfers down to 4,700 from 9,700.

Given the scale of the pension transfer tax, the drop recorded by HMRC in QROPS transfers should come as no surprise. However, as the figures do not differentiate between transfers made by UK citizens and expat retirement transfers, it is difficult to know what, if any, difference the new levy has had on the decisions of expats.

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Expat Tax Planning in 2019

Calendar PlannerTax planning should be a New Year priority for any British citizen who has recently become an expat.

Just last year HM Revenue & Customs increased its efforts to ensure expats met their full tax obligations and has begun to successfully use EU laws that encourage co-operation between member states. “We will not hesitate to use all legal means to collect taxes that are owed,” commented an HMRC spokesperson. Despite this tough talking, the EU this year criticised the UK for its poor record of cross-border tax collection.

It is important to remember that although the HMRC’s new stricter approach remains at an early stage, it is already paying dividends for the government, which estimates that it lost £1.7bn in tax revenue in 2016-17, compared to £4bn in 2011-12. Furthermore, 1,006 requests for tax information were made to EU authorities in 2017. This resulted in the recovery of £5 million. In comparison, similar requests in 2013 yielded just £800,000.

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