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BLACKTOWER VIEW – Keith Littlewood in Murcia and Costa Cálida

New beginnings

Most commonly, Keith’s clients are new retirees who are between 60 and 65. Often Keith and his new clients sit down and discuss things over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in the comfort of a home or café environment rather than in an office. After all, many of his clients are retirees who have just escaped offices and workplaces, what better than to enjoy your financial planning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Every new client relationship begins with a no-obligation conversation and this suits Keith just fine; he loves his job and he loves talking to people.

Keith’s clients all have one thing in common: they wish to get most out of their money so that they can enjoy their retirement to the greatest degree possible. As an international financial adviser and expat, Keith brings a uniquely informed perspective to help clients organise their investments and tax affairs.

Securing your financial future in Spain

Keith’s background in financial services encompasses a 25 year plus career working for firms such as Natwest, RBS and Royal London.

The skills and knowledge he developed are now enhanced by the years he has spent working for Blacktower Financial Management in Spain.

Issues that Keith now specialises in include:

  • Identification of long-term goals.
  • Overarching retirement financial strategies.
  • Planning for financial implications on the death of a partner.
  • Estate and inheritance tax planning.
  • Cross-border optimisation of assets and investment portfolios.
  • Currency exchange issues.
  • Pensions management including pensions consolidation and expat pension transfers.
  • Negotiating the Spanish fiscal environment.

Contact Blacktower FM in Murcia today

Keith Littlewood and the Blacktower teams across Spain can offer you advice on how to make the most of your money, including guidance on the many products that are available exclusively for British expats in Spain.

As an independent firm, we have access to the whole of the marked so are free to recommend whatever is best suited to you and your goals.

Contact Blacktower today, so that Keith can ask arrange an appointment with you. He will ask you the right questions, establish your individual needs, attitude to risk, capacity for loss and desired returns – all without obligation.

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