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Expats can appeal EU Referendum Act decision

With the referendum due to be held on June 23, the expats’ appeal is being expedited and it is anticipated that a decision will be reached in the next few weeks. The government is wary of a successful appeal, with parliament recently warning that giving all expats the right to vote would be a “complex and daunting task”.

However, such a task would seem slight when compared to the business of the UK renegotiating its trade treaties should Brexit go ahead – something experts predict would take as long as a decade.

Yet, it is important not to forget the individual lives of those involved. For example, those with expat regular savings, pensions and wealth management plans would have to make considerable changes in order to adapt to a Brexit. In addition, there is the considerable issue of EU nationals currently living in the UK.

“It is estimated that 2 million Brits live in other EU countries…Take elderly people who have lived for 10 years in Spain. After five years, they acquired a right of permanent residence as citizens of the union and that includes access to the Spanish healthcare system,” Prof Derrick Wyatt QC, emeritus professor of law at Oxford University told a parliamentary committee.

“If we leave, what do we do about vested rights? Do we recognise rights to permanent residents that have arisen? What transitional rights do we give somebody who has been working for four years in the UK and has children at school and so forth?”

As the expats’ appeal goes ahead it is hoped that the issue can be sorted out quickly and British expats abroad are, at the very least, given a voice with which to show their feelings on Brexit.

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Saving for Education – Now is the Time to Act

School signPrivate school education offers many benefits outside of the obvious statistical performance advantages. As much as anything it is about allowing for personal growth, developing confidence, providing opportunity and building beneficial networks and skills that will last and serve for a lifetime.

But it can be expensive, and this is why intelligent use of expat regular savings together with a holistic wealth management strategy can help both parents and grandparents make the necessary plans to ensure that their descendants are able to enjoy a first-class education with only the minimum of stress.

Of course, the cost of fee-paying schools varies depending on which school is attended, whether the pupil is a boarder and, indeed, whether the pupil is living in the same country as its parents. But regardless of whether the cost is just €5,000 a year for a single pupil or €60,000 a year for two pupils, meeting these costs is going to require you to optimise your expat regular savings towards your education fee planning needs.

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Blacktower Ready to Respond to New Challenges

Time for a changeLet’s face it: Brexit is a confusing time for everyone. However, it is important that panic doesn’t set in. This applies at every level, from the uppermost echelons of government and business leaders to expatriate workers and the everyday retiree.

The same applies to financial advisers. Not only do clients – and of course the markets – require their calm to steer them through uncertain and uncharted waters, but firms themselves need to stay composed and attentive to ensure that they continue to meet regulatory standards as Brexit unfolds and transition periods take effect.

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