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Expat financial advisors in Grand Cayman

Notifying your bank

If you wish to leave some or all of your UK bank or building society accounts open, you can complete form R105 and contact your institution to ensure that it is still happy to hold your savings even though you will no longer be a UK resident.

Furthermore, it is worth asking your bank or building society if it will be willing to pay your interest gross.

Considering your pension

There are many options available to UK citizens looking to reside in the Cayman Islands. For example, the Cayman-UK double tax treaty makes it possible for expats to receive their UK pension gross. Furthermore, expat financial advisors in Grand Cayman may be able to help you take advantage of the increased flexibility that has been available to UK pensions holders since 2015.

Blacktower, for all your financial advice in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is rightly considered to be among the world’s most favourable financial jurisdictions and with the right advice UK residents can thrive here.

Here at Blacktower we work to ensure that our clients receive the financial products and services that best advance their financial objectives and circumstances.

For more information from our expat financial advisors in Grand Cayman, get in touch with us today.

Other News

Buying residential property overseas in 2017 post-Trump with Brexit influences

Advice on buying overseas property from financial expert Simon Conn:

After the “shocks” of 2016, how will the overseas property market be affected in 2017 and will the most popular areas still be of interest? Although the Trump and Brexit decisions did have an initial effect on clients potentially purchasing an overseas property – where some people have deferred until the markets have settled down in the USA after the Presidential inauguration and Article 50 is finally implemented – others have seen this as a good time to look for opportunities and bargains available in the market.

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Life Assurance – an Investment Tool for the Expat in Portugal

Life assurance is an important, although sometimes overlooked, wealth management tool for the expat retirement investor living in Portugal.

There are many potential advantages to life assurance products in Portugal, not least the fact that financial assents under contract do not attract capital gains or income taxes provided that no surrender occurs.

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