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Expat financial advisors in Grand Cayman

Notifying your bank

If you wish to leave some or all of your UK bank or building society accounts open, you can complete form R105 and contact your institution to ensure that it is still happy to hold your savings even though you will no longer be a UK resident.

Furthermore, it is worth asking your bank or building society if it will be willing to pay your interest gross.

Considering your pension

There are many options available to UK citizens looking to reside in the Cayman Islands. For example, the Cayman-UK double tax treaty makes it possible for expats to receive their UK pension gross. Furthermore, expat financial advisors in Grand Cayman may be able to help you take advantage of the increased flexibility that has been available to UK pensions holders since 2015.

Blacktower, for all your financial advice in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is rightly considered to be among the world’s most favourable financial jurisdictions and with the right advice UK residents can thrive here.

Here at Blacktower we work to ensure that our clients receive the financial products and services that best advance their financial objectives and circumstances.

For more information from our expat financial advisors in Grand Cayman, get in touch with us today.

Other News

Regular savings or not, your pension planning matters

As the baby boomers hit pensionable age, the issue of pensions has become more important politically than ever before. This is a fact which has been reflected in the raft of changes that have been made by both the current and the previous government over the past few years. Baby boomers could be forgiven for feeling a little confused by it all and even retired expats with considerable regular savings are no different; pensions and pensions rules affect all.

Whoever you are, wherever you have settled in Europe and whatever the nature of your pension scheme – final salary or defined contribution – it is essential that you get advice regarding both your expat regular savings and your pension scheme; it can mean the difference between uncertainty and security.

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Sensible SIPP Management

Thought bubbleSIPPs (Self-Invested Personal Pensions) are a flexible retirement saving vehicle, offering choice, freedom and investment opportunity.

However, as it is by definition, self-invested, a SIPP also brings with it certain amount of responsibility. Of course, the burden can to some extent be minimised if you have a financial adviser or wealth manager to act on your behalf, but even if you take advice, there may still be an element of DIY investment to your SIPP.

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