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Student Finance Court Ruling A Boon to Expats

The case focused on the rights of expats to claim a type of fee assistance called “student finance”. Not only does student finance provide a loan on favourable terms, it also reduces the overall fee burden from the standard “university tuition fee” to the less demanding “statutory tuition fee”. This has the potential to save expat students and their families as much as several tens of thousands of Euros per year.

Who is Eligible for Student Finance?

Any person who is either an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or a direct family member is entitled to receive student finance. Permanent residence holder permits and refugees are also eligible.

The judge hearing the case at Amsterdam District Court ruled that the law preventing expats from claiming student finance violated European Convention on Human Rights non-discrimination law stemming from the European Convention on Human Rights because it allowed student finance for some independent residence permit holders, but not others, without providing any clear explanation as to why.

The Dutch Minister of Education may still apply to the Central Court of Appeal in Utrecht in order to contest the decision. However, this must be completed before the end of the month or the District Court’s ruling will prove binding.

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Done & Dusted

The much talked about UK election is now well and truly behind us, how can the opinion polls have been so wrong you may be asking yourself, it had most investors worried about a hung parliament or even a Labour victory which we were led to believe would send the markets crashing down around us.

Well now you can let out a sigh of relief, or can you, the result was taken well by the UK equity markets and in the short term should provide businesses with a stable political and legislative background in which to invest for the future.

However it is debatable as to whether the UK election results will have any impact on interest rates, the Bank of England voted last week to keep the base rate at 0.50%. Official figures at the end of the last month showed the total size of the economy increased by just 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2015. That was half the 0.6 per cent growth rate seen in the previous quarter and the worst performance since late 2012 – raising fears that the recovery is running out of steam.

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