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Yes, we DO sell you something – Peace of Mind!

So, What Do We Do, You Might Ask?!

Well it´s quite obvious from the above that we can never be absolutely protected against this happening, but what we must do and can do is to check out thoroughly and diligently the Wealth Management company or Financial Adviser that we trust and take advice from. If they do not have a proven track record, longevity and experience within the financial services industry then surely we are handicapped from the start?

Unfortunately, it is far too easy in our internet driven society to believe the hype and marketing that can transform a small start-up company into a GIANT company on screen – but where´s the back up and proof that they will be around to support us if and when we need them in the future?

You owe it to yourself and your family to carry out your OWN due-diligence checks so that you have taken every possible precaution to protect yourself. At Blacktower we can offer you 32 years of continuous growth, commitment and dedication to providing clients with the BEST possible advice which will always be in their interests. I think it´s fair to say that if we hadn´t been doing that we wouldn´t still be here talking about it, would we?

Blacktower Financial Management has been established for over 32 years and has worked with clients through the good and the bad times, offering sound, independent financial advice, we will be by your side both now and in the future.

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Good news only, please

Dave Diggle

As an IFA I have become very sensitive to market reactions and I have always had an interest in current affairs, but at this time even I am getting bogged down by this endless supply of bad news.

The recent drops in the stock markets are simply down to confidence and not of the same making of the crisis eight years ago.

I still struggle to see why a barrel of oil at $27 dollars compared to the $108 of eighteen months ago is anything other than good news. After all, there are more consumers of oil than producers. Motorists felt the positive effect immediately and users of oil in industry such as manufacturing plants or airlines should post better than expected quarterly profits, which may help dividend levels. In many cases this is yet to be rolled out.

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SIPP Providers – Getting it Right

Right or WrongMoney Marketing, a UK newspaper for financial intermediaries, has published details of a Freedom of Information Request it made it in relation to complaints received by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) regarding Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) products.

It revealed that over the most recent 12-month period, 22 SIPP providers made 48 complaint referrals to the Ombudsman regarding investments.*

This latest revelation follows a SIPP dispute involving financial planner Berkeley Burke and the FOS in which it was heard that the firm failed to carry out full due diligence on a £29,000 unregulated collective investment scheme for one of its clients. It also follows a high profile but as yet unresolved case against Carey Pensions.

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