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Income or Lump Sum? The Life Plan Conundrum

Life plans are an investment opportunity whereby part of the monthly premium buys life insurance and the balance is invested by the provider into various vehicles to, hopefully, grow the savings portion of the plan. Once the plan reaches maturity, the savings are paid out to the investor. If the customer dies before maturity, the life insurance will provide a lump sum to family.

There are many types of insurance policy to help provide essential financial protection for investors whether they reside in the UK or as an expat in the EU or elsewhere. Such policies offer various benefits to individuals and families, which is, surely, the point of any wealth management strategy, regardless of whether it is growth or preservation-focused.

Protection policies include:

  • Life, Critical Illness & Family Protection Plans
  • Income Protection & Accident, Sickness & Redundancy Cover
  • Whole of Life Cover
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Long Term Care Cover

Your choice of insurance policy or regular savings plan should be carefully considered and it is always wise to seek regulated financial advice before signing on the dotted line. Your financial adviser should be able to answer all your questions about any product they recommend and explain the key points from the outset before you sign any agreement.

Finding the right balance of growth and protection

Blacktower Financial Management can help you achieve the right balance of growth and protection so that you can have confidence your assets are safely working towards your personal wealth management goals. We can also help you decide which products, including those which pay an income or a lump sum, are right for you.

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Other News

Number of Expats looking for buy-to-let property increases

Buy to LetFor expats, when it comes to money, planning ahead is essential so that your financial future remains stable.

There are several effective ways to get prepared, which include everything from taking out a suitable life insurance policy for expats, moving your pension into an overseas scheme so that you get tax advantages on your retirement savings, and making smart decisions on investment opportunities so they will provide worthwhile returns in the future.

One major investment opportunity that increasing numbers of British expats are keen to be a part of is the buying of UK property to then rent out to tenants – AKA buy-to-let.

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Cayman Islands Wooing International Investors

Profit graphProfessionals working in financial management in the Cayman Islands have many regional and jurisdictional advantages that they can bring to the benefits of their clients’ portfolios, whether they are standard retail investors who have built their wealth through pension schemes, diligent individual savers or institutional investors who are looking for a desirable place to do business.

These are all undoubtedly factors in why, according to the Cayman Islands General Registry, the number of Grand Cayman-registered companies recently reached an all-time peak, with steady growth in Grand Cayman investment on the part of expats just one of many causes behind the growth which also saw Cayman GDP rise by 2.8 percent in 2017, with a further 3 percent rise predicted for 2018 figures.

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