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Will I outlive my retirement savings?

The 4% rule

One simple test to see whether your savings will last throughout retirement is to apply the 4% rule. This states that if you begin by withdrawing 4% of your savings balance in your first year of retirement, and then adjust subsequent withdrawals to account for inflation, your savings should last 30 years. Though the rule isn’t perfect, it can serve as a reasonable starting point for evaluating the health of your nest egg.

Let’s say you expect to need €3,000 a month as a total retirement income, and that your State Pension will be €800 a month plus a works pension of €1,200 a month. This means you’ll need to withdraw the shortfall of €1,000 a month from savings, or €12,000 per year. If you multiply €12,000 by 25, you get €300,000, which is the savings target you should aim for. If you are approaching retirement, or are newly retired but don’t have that much in savings, you’ll need to make some adjustments to avoid running out of money further down the line. This could mean initially adopting a more frugal retirement lifestyle, so you don’t need as much monthly income, or working part-time to supplement your income.

The above assumption also makes no account of interest or investment returns on your savings, and this is important. If you simply held the €300,000 in a non-interest bearing cash account, then you are not giving yourself any chance of growing that capital to make it last longer. Although you should generally be taking a more cautious approach with your savings and investments as you reach retirement, this doesn’t mean that all your savings should be in risk-free investments. This critical area is where a financial adviser can carefully direct you as to how much of your savings you should allocate to investments where the value can fluctuate. Remember, if you are 65 now, then you can expect to live for 18-21 more years. You therefore require a long-term investment strategy despite now reaching retirement. Your financial adviser can then advise you on a suitable investment plan that will include both risk-free cash deposits plus a risk-assessed investment portfolio that is designed to give you a happy, worry-free retirement and not one where you outlive your savings.

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Looking for a smoother ride in choppy waters

Polynesian beach2019 looks like it will be a testing time for investors, from trade wars to political uncertainty.

The European Union (EU) faces a number of challenges, including the ongoing Brexit saga, Germany just escaping recession (for the moment), further tensions with the Italian government, mass social unrest in France (with the potential for contagion) , the continued rise of populism, anti-immigration, anti-establishment and separatism movements and a weakening European economy (real GDP decelerated in 2018).

In the US, President Trump will do everything he can to keep the US economy strong because the success of his presidency relies on it. But at least the threat of a trade war with China has rescinded recently, with Trump delaying tariffs on Chinese goods as he feels substantial progress has been made in trade talks.

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Expats say they are being “penalised” for freedom of movement

There are around 4.5 million British people living the expatriate life, and with 1.3 million of these currently residing in the EU, it is easy to understand why there is mounting political pressure for the government to give them full voting rights in the upcoming referendum on the future of British involvement in Europe. After all, they have so much at stake, from their residency and tax status to the future of their expat financial services arrangements.

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