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Expats can stay strong in face of Brexit

However, these are the salient points to keep in mind:

  • Blacktower’s clients should be reassured that for now they retain the same residency status and healthcare benefits as they did prior to the Brexit vote.
  • Tax treaties, investments and financial arrangements are not dependent on the EU but on both individual wealth management firms and individual member states, Blacktower’s members should feel confident in moving towards the future.
  • Blacktower is in a strong position to take advantage of any volatility in the market and expects to be able to benefit from any opportunities which present themselves, such as the ability to make favourable purchases of high quality companies with solid dividends.
  • Blacktower operates right across the EU, including France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Grand Cayman as well as the UK. In the short to medium term our wealth management services and financial advice will not be affected by the Brexit vote and we look forward to serving the needs of our clients whatever the future may hold.

For contact details and to arrange to speak to your local IFA please see our country by country location pages. To fill in a contact form, please click here.

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Returning British expats could face high property prices

Spanish buildingsIt’s hardly a new revelation to state that Brexit has caused uncertainty for British expats. Until the EU and British government reach a final agreement in Brussels, the lives of many expatriates are certainly in a state of limbo.

Depending on how negotiations unfold, Britons who are living abroad may need to move back to their home country. But trends in the housing market, in both the UK and EU countries, suggest they could run into financial difficulty if they haven’t made sufficient wealth management plans for the future.

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Taxing times for Clinton and Trump


Now that it is almost settled that the U.S. presidential nominees are known – barring any huge U-turns or assassinations – both candidates have been setting out their plans for economic transformation to make the USA great again. What is very interesting is that both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are aiming their reforms at the super-rich.

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