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Custodial Sentence for Pensions Fraudster

The Pensions Regulator’s executive director of frontline regulation, Nicola Parish, said that Bessant had used the pension scheme for his own personal benefit and, as an accountant was a trusted advisor.

She added, “[Bessant] abused that trust and used his position as trustee to defraud the scheme for his benefit and the benefit of his friends and family.

“Trustees play a vital role in protecting the benefits of members. We will not tolerate the abuse of such an important job.” **

Bessent worked for the Focusplay Retirement Benefit Scheme and abused his position to channel scheme members’ funds into businesses he either owned or had an interest in. Hearing the case at Preston Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Barker characterised Bessent as a “selfish and greedy” man who had placed his own interests above those of his ordinary and hard-working clients.

The Pensions Regulator reports that Bessent used £120,000 of stolen funds to buy an investment property, used other money to pay his business’s tax liability, and yet more money as capital for his son-in-law’s physiotherapy start-up. **

“You used their money as your own. You knew what you were doing was dishonest and wrong,” said the judge.***

Guy Opperman, minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, said that the custodial sentence should serve as a warning that any person who abuses a position of trust to defraud pension scheme members will face meaningful justice. ***

Furthermore, Opperman said that The Pensions Regulator will be given new powers to enforce sanctions for a new offence relating to pension schemes of wilful or reckless behaviour which will be punishable by up to seven years in prison or unlimited fines. ***

Regulated Pensions Advice

Blacktower FM provides its international clients with expert, independent and fully regulated pensions advice, including international pension transfers, so they can make the most of their wealth as they move towards their retirement goals.

For more information about how we may be able to help, contact your local Blacktower FM expat financial advice office today or download our Pension Planning Brochure for more information.


*Case No.s: T20190117 & T20190118 – Defendant Roger William Bessant, Dates: 27-022019, 29-03-2019, 08-04-2019

** accessed 09-04-19

*** accessed 09-04-19

Other News

Pensions may strengthen for the younger generation

Pound coinsIt’s never too early to start saving for a pension – you’ve no doubt heard that one before, perhaps while searching for pension advice online or in news reports on the financial future of pensioners in this country.

Hopefully, you took note of it and started saving as soon as you possibly could, thinking of your retirement planning long before other milestones such as getting married or having children. Maybe you left it a little later. Either way, solid financial planning, which may involve pension transfer advice from a professional financial adviser, should help you make secure financial decisions.

Young workers today don’t need to have someone to remind them that they should be saving for retirement thanks to auto-enrolment, which is a scheme that makes sure, unless they choose to opt out, all workers pay part of their salary into a private pension scheme. As almost everyone could do with starting their retirement saving as early as possible, auto-enrolment is a great idea, and now it appears that it could be the main factor in the improvement of future pension incomes, settling fears that some young savers may have regarding the prosperity of their long-term future.

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Lasting Power of Attorney for Expat Investors

Research by the Alzheimer’s Society suggests that two-thirds of people who have sought financial advice have a lasting power of attorney (LPA) in place, but this, potentially, means a significant proportion of Brits do not have the protection that LPA offers.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception among many expats (highlighted in a survey of UK expats conducted by Old Mutual International in 2017) that a spouse, child or financial professional can automatically sign documents and manage the welfare and monetary matters of a person who loses mental capacity. This is not the case; your family members could be left vulnerable should you become unable to manage your affairs without having LPA in place.

Good expat financial advice would generally advocate local legal advice to help ascertain whether or not an existing LPA, i.e. one that was drawn up in the UK, is valid in your location of residence. Generally speaking, however, common law jurisdictions will recognise a British lasting power of attorney, but it is always worth checking.

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