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The Blacktower Group obtains Cyprus licence

‘After the decision for the UK to leave the EU was made, we could not risk any impact to our advisers’ EU passporting status. We took immediate action to Brexit-proof the business and our Cyprus office has been operational for some time. It is a testament to the work of the team on the ground that this licence has now been approved.’ says John Westwood, Founder & Group Managing Director of the Blacktower Group.

‘We remain committed to Gibraltar; we have a strong operations team working from there and are constantly seeking ways to promote the benefits of this jurisdiction. All EU resident clients though will be moved to the Cypriot entities during 2020, enabling us to continue to service our clients in Europe, while Blacktower Financial Management (International) Limited will maintain a book of non-EU clients.’ he confirms.

The development follows the launch of Blacktower Cayman Limited back in November 2019, along with the expansion of the Group’s IFA network, Nexus Global, into the US and precedes plans to expand into Australia, South Africa and UAE later this year. 



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Expats can enjoy Spain’s top quality beaches

ShellsAlthough the country may not have had much success in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Spain has many other reasons to celebrate.

For instance, there is one very strong factor that makes Spain such a popular destination for many holidaymakers and expats (other than its music scene): it is home to many glorious beaches.

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FCA Publishes Retirement Transfer Data

There are few, if any, financial decisions as important as deciding what to do with your pension. Nowadays there are so many choices, but the factors that influence the path you choose are complex and should only ever be undertaken in full knowledge of the various options available as well as their many implications.

For example, significant numbers of UK citizens abroad are likely to benefit from an expat retirement transfer, but converting a defined benefit (DB) scheme into a QROPS or SIPP should never be undertaken without reliable and impartial advice that takes full account of the retirement saver’s circumstances.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find an expat financial adviser who understands all the regulatory and cross-border wealth planning issues at stake.

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