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Spotlight on Antonio Rosa – Joint Country Manager Portugal

Blacktower Lisbon

Antonio Rosa, Blacktower’s Joint Country Manager in Portugal, brings broad practical expertise and awareness to the Lisbon team. Not only does Antonio have experience of running his own businesses in both the UK and Portugal – including financial software start-ups and upmarket restaurants – he has also managed his own cross-border financial portfolios.

These individual experiences contributed to Antonio’s decision to bring his knowledge to the financial services sector so that he could provide skill and clarity directly to the client; he knows he can add value and enjoys the process of doing this for each client.

Antonio in a nutshell

If you had to capture the essence of what Antonio does, you might say that he provides clients with specialist cross-border retirement planning and wealth management advice to help them secure and grow their existing assets. He is also key in helping clients initiate succession planning and assisting in the mitigation of Inheritance Tax, both in the UK and Portugal.

Handling change in the financial services sector

One thing that Antonio’s varied experience and background has afforded him is the ability to perceive and respond to change – invaluable qualities in a financial services sector that is continually subject to regulatory, economic and political shifts.

Over the past six years he has welcomed the majority of the regulatory changes as they have helped make the industry “more accountable and professional”. He is particularly proud to work for a firm that places accountability and transparency at the heart of everything it does. “Blacktower is the proof that times have changed for the better,” he says.

Loving life in Blacktower’s Lisbon office

Lisbon is one of the most exciting and thriving cities in Europe and, in recent years, has seen a continued influx of international UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals). It is the forever changing financial landscape in Portugal which excites Antonio about his day-to-day work and he has particularly enjoyed providing the specialist financial services that are required by UHNWIs in the city and surrounding areas.

Blacktower’s reputation for looking after both its clients and its team members enables it to recruit and retain some of the world’s top talent to its Lisbon office, and Antonio certainly falls into this category.

Some, less experienced, advisers may struggle with the pressure of being responsible for a client’s financial future, however, Antonio relishes the responsibility of being “fundamental to ensuring their quality of life”. In fact, his commitment to client interests means that he is proud to be regarded by many of his clients as a friend; a feeling he reciprocates wholeheartedly.

What does the future hold?

Awareness of the ever-changing laws and policies pertaining to the financial industry and to clients is a major part of Blacktower’s service provision, and team members regularly provide thoughtleader contributions to aid policy makers with their planning and proposals. With this in mind, Antonio says he would welcome policy shifts in relation to inheritance tax on the family home and that it is high time the UK reduces the tax burden on all other assets. Furthermore, he hopes that Portugal will soon provide clarification on the Non Habitual Residency tax situation.

Regardless of what happens at policy level, Antonio has every confidence that the team in Portugal will continue adding to its already long and successful history in the sector. Just like Blacktower, Antonio works hard to remain relevant and hopes that he will continue to advance the interests of clients for many years to come.

To find out more about Antonio and the team, please visit our dedicated Lisbon page.

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