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Oil, Markets, Brexit: Now is the time to get things right

Several companies have been bidding to buy other companies and have even had generous offers turned down.  Premier foods are a good example of this; its share price spiked 50% to 46p from 31p after a second offer of 60p per share was turned down to buy the company outright.  Many companies are cash rich at the moment and more expansion and takeover bids can be expected. The FTSE has also moved to over 6150 since dipping below 5800 during the last couple of months. Dividends continue to increase generally; this may have been just a sweetener for investors as their holdings have fallen in value, but if recovery does continue to happen, watch out for some spectacular returns.

Brexit speculation will continue to dampen in the short term but indicators are looking very good for the summer. Shrewd investors looking to spread and diversify their investments among strong companies with high dividends or funds that specialise in this type of company share could really provide good value for the investor at long last.

When looking at what interest rates are giving at the moment, now might be the time to sit down and review your investment and savings and even view the markets with some optimism as the potential upside is huge.  Just think, if oil continues its upward surge along with the markets and a Brexit does not occur you might be kicking yourself in July for not reviewing things now.

In today’s financial climate it is essential you do everything you can to make sure your money is safe and secure to ensure you achieve your financial aspirations for the future.

I have been a fully Qualified Financial Adviser for 28 years and understand the needs of expats and the rules that apply to British people living and retiring in Spain. So, if you need to talk through your own situation then please feel free to contact me and we can have a no obligation discussion about the best way forward for your investments. Find out more about our wealth management services here.

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Expat Financial Advice Crucial During Brexit Critical Phase

Direction SignsAttempts to find a roadmap for Britain’s post-Brexit future may currently feel interminable, but expats in the EU are beginning to make contingencies, or so it appears. A survey commissioned by an international money transfer platform has found that 34% of British expats are currently in the process of applying for citizenship or permanent residency in another country.

Uncertainty regarding the ongoing effect of Brexit is the chief motivation, and the impact on citizenship could be greater still; a further 23 percent of the adults polled during the survey (carried out by YouGov plc from 18-04-19 to 02-05-19) said they would seek citizenship for themselves and their family in the event of a hard Brexit.

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Expats Retirement Planning – No-one can See into the Future

Crystal BallWhat should you do if you are an expat and are considering a retirement transfer? Mindful of Brexit’s impending reality, do you make an expat retirement transfer as soon as possible or, fearful of restricting yourself and missing out on any possible opportunity, do you hang on to see what the future holds and wait until after March 31 2019.

There could be risk in waiting, of course, and it is considerable risk. By hesitating now you risk losing the opportunity to take advantage of all the EU expat retirement transfer benefits currently offered to those who choose Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) or Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions (QROPS) right now.

This is not to say that these advantages will instantly disappear come spring 2019, but the reality is that Brexit is turning out to be drawn-out process with little current certainty and that it will take some time for any agreed changes to take effect.

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