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New Governor Brings Confidence to Financial Management Industry

Although he will hold the post on an interim basis, it is anticipated that Mr Roper will bring the kind of authority, stability and innovation to the role that is likely to see him significantly outlast the initial 6-9 months trial period – news sources report that he would like to have the job for the long-term.

“I am delighted to be appointed to the role by Her Majesty The Queen. It is a great privilege and honour. I take great pride in being part of the Cayman Islands and having an opportunity to serve its people,” Mr Roper told press.

“I will work in a spirit of collaboration and partnership with the Premier, elected politicians and all sectors of society.”

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Roper adjusts from working in Beijing – one of the world’s most densely populated and polluted cities – to being situated in the Cayman Islands, a relatively small and thinly populated island paradise. However, there will be some similarities. For example, in Beijing Mr. Roper regularly worked with cross-border investment professionals; this is likely to continue in the Cayman Islands, as the British Overseas Territory’s prosperity largely depends on the health of the financial management industry.

Financial Management in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is an important global financial jurisdiction, particularly for UK expats and for those who are committed to the development of offshore businesses.

Blacktower FM has an office in George Town, and our specialists can help you ensure your money works for you. From pension planning and pension transfer schemes to savings, investments and tax planning.

Whether you wish to discuss your general wealth management needs, require SIPPs or QROPS advice, or perhaps you would like to plan overseas asset management, speak with us today.

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Expats must consider school fees planning

LibraryEducation and school fees planning is a major concern for any person looking to provide the best opportunities in life for their children or grandchildren. It’s a serious enough burden whoever and wherever you are in the world, but if you are one of the several million British expats living abroad, the issue can seem particularly daunting.

Especial empathy should be reserved for those families who have chosen, whether it is for work, lifestyle, health or other concerns, to move abroad and to send their children to private boarding schools back in the UK.

For parents in this position just a small change in their financial circumstances can occasionally place their children’s private education at risk. Fees can be onerous and effective wealth management planning can mean the difference between comfortably affording them or finding the bill a distinct headache.

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Expat financial management should be part of EU debate

BrexitExpat wealth management concerns could play a major part in the Brexit debate over the next few months as the estimated two million UK nationals living abroad in the European Union consider their pension and healthcare entitlements.

As it stands, British expats living in the European Economic Area who possess a European Health Insurance Card (Ehic) are entitled to healthcare in their country of residence; however, if the UK decides to leave the EU, they may have to purchase private health insurance or find alternative ways to fund private treatment.

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