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HMRC report details French QROPS

Guernsey, Ireland and the Isle of Man remain popular QROPS jurisdictions, with the countries having 143, 91 and 218 QROPS respectively. Other popular jurisdictions are Canada (60) and Germany (30). France has 12 recognised QROPS schemes.

HMRC usually publishes its QROPS list on a bi-monthly basis. However, although it lists the number of new and delisted schemes in each country, it does not report details of the numbers of people choosing to invest in each scheme, nor does it detail the individual, total or average figures invested.

The QROPS list is important because it allows retirement savers to be sure that schemes meet the HMRC criteria.

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Other News

Pensions Regulator Announces Enhanced Transfer Information Sharing

WhiteboardFor many retirement savers finding the best way to realise pension plan benefits will be the key to unlocking a financially secure retirement.

Pension transfers, whether from a defined benefit plan into a QROPS, SIPPs or other vehicle, are likely to be an important consideration as part of this process. However, in recent years it has become clear that although pension transfers can be advantageous for many individuals, particularly those who live abroad in the European Union, a minority of advisers are failing to properly examine the question of suitability, thereby resulting in some investors being saddled with an unsuitable product.

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Savers hit again

The Bank of England has dealt a blow to savers, but there is good news for borrowers. The base rate has been slashed to 0.25% as part of a raft of measures introduced to stave off the threat of recession after the Brexit vote. This is the first cut in seven years. 

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