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HMRC report details French QROPS

Guernsey, Ireland and the Isle of Man remain popular QROPS jurisdictions, with the countries having 143, 91 and 218 QROPS respectively. Other popular jurisdictions are Canada (60) and Germany (30). France has 12 recognised QROPS schemes.

HMRC usually publishes its QROPS list on a bi-monthly basis. However, although it lists the number of new and delisted schemes in each country, it does not report details of the numbers of people choosing to invest in each scheme, nor does it detail the individual, total or average figures invested.

The QROPS list is important because it allows retirement savers to be sure that schemes meet the HMRC criteria.

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End to 15-year-rule for expats

Great news for the clients of expat financial services: the government has announced proposals to abolish the 15-year time limit on the right of expats to participate in UK general elections.

The policy statement, which was published as part of document entitled “A democracy that works for everyone: British citizens overseas”, details the government’s idea of ensuring rigorous checks on the identities of expats so that they can register to vote without suspicion of fraud.

Furthermore, cost analysis performed by the government predicts that ending the 15-year rule and implementing an expat voting registration scheme will actually cost only a six-figure sum; far less than the millions of pounds some experts have previously claimed it would require.

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How to Get a Mortgage in Spain as an Expat | Blacktower

How to get a mortgage in Spain as an expat Buying a property in Spain can be a life-changing development and help you to achieve new goals. The main challenges for British expats are understanding how to get a mortgage in Spain, navigating Spanish mortgage rates, and ensuring that all of the documentation is properly […]

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