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Expat Pension Concerns Cause Dwindling Number of Brits in EU

There are also concerns that British expats will not have their State Pension uprated in the event of a no deal. This is because for this to happen, deals would have to be made on a country-by-country basis and is only possible if host countries reciprocate.

Planning is Everything

Impending probable Brexit and all the uncertainty accompanying it should not be enough to dissuade anyone from emigrating or indeed to prompt expats to return home.

By properly planning their expat pensions, both state and private, expats can ensure that they have contingencies in place.

Although nothing is guaranteed at this stage it is difficult to envisage a situation in which expats in EU member states lose their rights to residency and healthcare.

As ever, decisions about where to reside should be made purely on an individual basis, by weighing up the costs and risks involved and how these align with your ultimate goals. These considerations were important even before Brexit raised its head, so no one should panic yet. But if you believe that you might be looking to relocate back to the UK, it is wise to have an exit plan just in case.

Blacktower Financial Management

Blacktower Financial Management works to help its clients clarify their personal financial positions and to create long-term strategies for realising their goals.

Our service can help you wherever you are and whatever your wealth planning concerns—from expat pensions to inheritance planning and cross-border tax planning, we have it covered. Contact your local office today for more information.

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Expat exodus causing a major problem for British universities

Water flowing down a plugholeWhen an expat moves from their homeland to a new destination, either for work or education, they become a potentially valuable addition to that country. Such expats may go on to become an integral part of the country, which is why the rights of EU expats living in Britain has been one of the hot topics during Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May’s pre-election refusal to guarantee the rights of migrant workers appeared to have a negative impact on many UK job sectors employing top flight individuals. It’s a problem the media highlighted as a Brexit ‘brain drain’.

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Tax Compliant Solutions for the Portuguese Tax Resident by Antonio Rosa, Regional Manager Lisbon

Golden Visa Portugal

Have you restructured your international investments?

On the 1st of January 2015, the Portuguese Tax Authorities brought about sweeping changes to its Personal Income Tax Legislation, specifically aimed at but not limited to, previously sheltered international investment structures. Six months into the 2015 fiscal tax year, there seems to be a wait and see attitude to the impending punitive tax burden that will be levied on investments held by both Portuguese nationals and Expat Tax Residents in Portugal. 

One thing I do know and that is many international and national people still live in the past, thinking Portugal is a laissez-faire country unable to, with efficacy, diligently collect its taxes. 

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