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Expat Pension Concerns Cause Dwindling Number of Brits in EU

There are also concerns that British expats will not have their State Pension uprated in the event of a no deal. This is because for this to happen, deals would have to be made on a country-by-country basis and is only possible if host countries reciprocate.

Planning is Everything

Impending probable Brexit and all the uncertainty accompanying it should not be enough to dissuade anyone from emigrating or indeed to prompt expats to return home.

By properly planning their expat pensions, both state and private, expats can ensure that they have contingencies in place.

Although nothing is guaranteed at this stage it is difficult to envisage a situation in which expats in EU member states lose their rights to residency and healthcare.

As ever, decisions about where to reside should be made purely on an individual basis, by weighing up the costs and risks involved and how these align with your ultimate goals. These considerations were important even before Brexit raised its head, so no one should panic yet. But if you believe that you might be looking to relocate back to the UK, it is wise to have an exit plan just in case.

Blacktower Financial Management

Blacktower Financial Management works to help its clients clarify their personal financial positions and to create long-term strategies for realising their goals.

Our service can help you wherever you are and whatever your wealth planning concerns—from expat pensions to inheritance planning and cross-border tax planning, we have it covered. Contact your local office today for more information.

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Retirees embracing life in new ways

There are very few life changes as profound as those that come with retiring. Increasingly, science is making clear what many retirees know already: that a fulfilling and long retirement is invariably a busy retirement. You might retire from your working age career, but the best way to enjoy your sunset years is to keep active, whether it is playing sport, creating art, being part of a community or having a “second career phase”.

Of course, in order to have an empowered retirement it is necessary that you make the right financial choices and if you are a UK expat in France, chances are that a QROPS will form part of your plan. Not only will your lifestyle change, but your spending habits will also follow suit.

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Set sail with a yacht loan: All there is to know about boat finance

Yacht in DockNothing says High Net Worth Individual quite as succinctly – or indeed as spectacularly – as owning a superyacht. However, for those who are not quite yet up to owning their own version of the world-record breaking £2.8 billion History Supreme, there are plenty of more modest yet still luxurious options.

The difficulty with securing such a vessel though is that even if you have the money, finding the right way to structure both the yacht loan and the ownership arrangements can be difficult. This is made even more complex, due to cross-border wealth management concerns so often inherent in obtaining yacht financing.

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