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Cayman Islands Wooing International Investors

“Leading institutional investors are engaged in a flight to quality, moving away from other jurisdictions and investing in the Cayman Islands in growing numbers because we have a strong, diversified financial services industry supported by high standards, a robust legal system and excellence in service,” stated Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott in a press release detailing the positive news.

Of course, one reason investors are so attracted to the Cayman Islands is the jurisdiction’s favourable legal and regulatory regimes, which make it an ideal and neutral centre for investors who might otherwise be restricted by unwelcome taxes, regulations and customs.

Those who take advantage of financial services in the Cayman Islands, such as those offered by Blacktower Financial Management, are able to access a whole raft of vehicles and sectors – for example, Cayman Islands-based investment portfolios, insurance, trusts, pension transfer opportunities, banking services and insurance products.

Furthermore, because of its commitment to transparency and international cooperation, investors in the Cayman Islands can be assured of a world-class level of regulation and investor assurance.

Blacktower FM in the Cayman Islands

Blacktower FM’s representatives in George Town can bring benefit to investors in the region. Whether we are providing assistance with portfolios and regular savings, offering SIPPs or QROPS, or help with education and retirement planning.

Our specialist financial advisers and wealth managers across the company can help ensure that you have confidence in your financial future. Contact Blacktower Financial Management in the Cayman Islands today for more information.

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Dividend Aristocrats

The Dividend Aristocrats are S&P 500 constituents that have increased their dividend payouts for 25 consecutive years.

The FTSE also has its own Aristocrats which many people who read this article will recognise and even have in their own portfolios, some of the dividend returns can make very interesting reading:

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QROPS Uptake is in Decline but Suitability is Still the Key Question

Tick and CrossNew data from HM Revenue & Customs reveals that the combined value of retirement transfers to QROPS fell to £740 million in the 2017-2018 tax year, the first period since the government introduced a 25% tax charge, with the number of pension transfers down to 4,700 from 9,700.

Given the scale of the pension transfer tax, the drop recorded by HMRC in QROPS transfers should come as no surprise. However, as the figures do not differentiate between transfers made by UK citizens and expat retirement transfers, it is difficult to know what, if any, difference the new levy has had on the decisions of expats.

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