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John Westwood features on list of industry influencers

While the industry has seen much change over the 35 plus years that John has been involved, he says that Blacktower’s insistence on and adherence to a strict set of guidelines and adoption of the highest levels of transparency has helped raise standards amongst international financial advisers across markets.

John says the most significant change he has experienced during his career as part of a global wealth management firm was in 2008 when the financial collapse brought about unprecedented business challenges. The meltdown required Blacktower’s expert management of client expectations as markets and product providers failed, whilst, as Managing Director, he had to simultaneously ensure that the business remained buoyant and secure.

Kirsten Hastings, editor of International Adviser, said that the publication decided to “shine a light” on the movers and shakers who have helped quicken the pace of change in the financial services industry by forging ahead with innovation or leading by example.

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Quality insurance top priority for expat employees

PriorityAs an expat, choosing a robust life insurance policy, as well as medical insurance, can provide help to reassurance that you and your loved ones will be cared for should the worst happen. And recent research has highlighted just how valued such policies are.

A new survey from Bupa Global has found that such policies are amongst the items expats expect most from their employer when they move to work overseas.

Bupa Global questioned 150 senior human resource directors and 1,851 globally mobile employees. The international health insurer’s research showed that expats are putting an increasing demand on their employers to provide them with more health and wellbeing benefits.

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Do you have a Final Salary (Defined Benefit) UK pension scheme?

Is your final salary scheme safe?  Are you aware that many of these schemes are seriously underfunded? What is the exact deficit of your final salary scheme? Brexit and the BHS scandal have brought the pension deficit story in to the media spotlight again. However, the issues with defined benefit schemes have been brewing for some time. The UK faces a very real pension crisis with several schemes close to collapse unless serious steps are taken to address the growing problem.

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