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The Spring Budget 2017 – some major changes

There will now be a 25 per cent tax charge on QROPS transfers. There are, however, exceptions to the rule. You will be exempt from the charge if you fit the following criteria:

• The individual and the offshore pension scheme are in the same country
• The scheme is provided by the individual’s employer
• The individual and the scheme are both in the European Economic Area

If the above does not apply, then the government has stated that the 25 per cent charge will be made before the transfer by the administrator or manager of the scheme.

The HMRC added that “payments out of funds transferred to a QROPS on or after 6 April 2017 will be subject to UK tax rules for five tax years after the date of transfer, regardless of where the individual is resident”. The HMRC also predicted that, out of the 10,000 to 20,000 QROPS transfers made each year, only a minority would be affected by the new policy.

The charge is effective immediately. As a result of the sudden implementation, there is still uncertainty within the pensions sector and concern over the future of pension transfer options.

If you’re unsure about what the change means for you and want to know the best way to get tax relief on your pension fund, contact one of our financial advisers today.

Further measures introduced by the Budget

Other notable changes stated in the Budget included an extra £2 billion being put into social care (which has drawn criticism for not being anywhere near enough), the funding of the science and technology sector with £270 million (for research into advancements such as robots and driverless cars), and self-employed workers being required to pay more in National Insurance Contributions (the NI rate will rise from 9 per cent to 10 per cent in April 2018 and then to 11 per cent in April 2019).

The tax-hike for self-employed workers (which Hammond claimed was to make the tax system fairer, as there is a large difference between what the self-employed pay in tax and the amount employees pay), was arguably the most controversial change announced in the Budget, as it contradicts a Conservative manifesto pledge made during the 2015 general election.

Pensioners and investors who rely on dividend income also received some bad news, as the tax-free dividend allowance rate will be reduced from £5,000 to just £2,000 in April 2018. However, ISA accounts, which, from April 2017, will have an increased annual allowance of £20,000, can be used to protect investments from tax.

Stay on top of your financial planning with Blacktower

There will always be developments in the world of finance, and these affect millions of people.

Whatever your financial situation Blacktower financial advisers can provide expert guidance on the best application of your wealth – whether you need advice relating to the new QROPS rules or you’re concerned about how another aspect of the budget will affect your savings.

We can help you devise an effective financial plan. As well as being based in the UK, we operate in various international locations, so we can help you with your wealth management in Gibraltar, France, Spain, and many other places.

Other News

Sweden Voted Top Destination for Women Expats

Sweden flag and victory signExpats are in many ways the most forward-thinking of global citizens; living abroad shows a desire to embrace something more complex than a simple national identity and way of life. Yet, at the same time, it is also the most ancient act; humans began as nomads and then migrants, so being on the move is part of our species’ natural curiosity.

But there is more to being an expat than simply picking a destination on the map and moving there. By looking at all the available options and factoring in the many variables, people have an opportunity to make the most of their prospects and to enjoy the richest and most varied life possible.

Fortunately, this is what most expats do: the most recent HSBC expat explorer survey found that a move abroad adds around USD21,000 to the average salary, with some countries offering even more. For example, Switzerland, which has long been a destination of choice for the globally minded expat, boosts income by an average of USD61,000 a year.

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New Year resolutions for a fitter financial future

Goals for 2018Well, you have probably already swept away the party poppers and Champagne corks, but now is the time to reflect on 2017 and consider the future.

It’s also, of course, the time to make New Year resolutions. For most people, such ‘resolutions’ are often ambitious, unrealistic and maybe even harmful (I mean, giving up chocolate – that’s never going to happen).

In fact, research from the University of Scranton, USA, in 2013 found that a mere 8% of people achieve their New Year goals, and a ComRes poll from November 2015 revealed that 43% of all the failed resolutions that year hadn’t even lasted a month.

It seems that the typical pledges of eating more healthily, taking up a new hobby and giving up bad habits are really not achievable and it’s becoming increasingly common for resolutions to be financially related.

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