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Are you making the most out of life on the Costa del Sol?

Make the most of the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a fascinating place, and if you’re living as an expat in this bright southern region of Spain – it averages 320 sunshine-filled days per year – there are many unique, fun activities you can take advantage of. So if you feel as though your expat life needs to be reinvigorated with some new possibilities, here are a few ideas.

Enjoy the wildlife

If you have an interest in the animal kingdom, the Costa del Sol has you covered.

There is the BioParc Zoo in Fuengirola, which also acts as a breeding centre for endangered animals, and the Crocodile Park in Torremolinos. The town of Benalmadena is particularly good for animal-related attractions, featuring the largest Butterfly Park in Europe, the Garden of Eagles, the Selwo Marina, and a Sea Life Aquarium.

Getting active

The region is a great place for sport. So, if you’ve always wanted to be more active, living on the Costa del Sol is the perfect place. In particular, the Costa del Sol is popular with golfers as it boasts many beautiful courses to play on all year round. There are also many tennis and football clubs, and being a coastal area naturally means it’s perfect for all water sports.

Though skiing isn’t something you typically associate with the warm climate of Spain, the Sierras Nevada Ski Station is just slightly north of the Costa del Sol, making it one of the few places in the world where you can hit the slopes and then hit the beach within the same day.

The Andalusia region is bursting with culture, and there are many fairs and festivals throughout the year.

For example, Malaga Fair in August (Feria de Agosto) is an annual nine-day celebration, separated into a day fair, which takes place in the city centre, and a night fair, which takes place in the Cortijo de Torres district. During the festival, the city lights up with fairground rides, parades, and live music.

Or, if you would like to have a taste of Spanish cinema, the Malaga Film Festival is held each year in April, and there are also the bonfires held on the beaches to celebrate the Night of San Juan, which is on June 23.

An explorer’s paradise

The Costa del Sol also has many jaw-dropping gardens filled with tropical plants, such as Malaga Park and the Botanical Gardens of La Concepcion, but if you love nature and have a more adventurous spirit, there are many ways to explore the Costa del Sol on foot. For instance, the Gran Senda de Malaga (the Great Malaga footpath) is a series of walking routes that circle the whole of the Malaga province, taking the explorer on a tour through villages and mountain ranges.

Fantastic beaches

Seeing as it’s known as “Coast of the Sun” in English, it’s no surprise that the Costa del Sol has many quality beaches. The province of Malaga has some of the best beaches not just in Spain but also in the entire world. You’ll be hard pushed to find many better places to soak up the sun. One place in particular that’s known for its brilliant beaches is Marbella, which has the Cabopino beach, Nikki Beach, and Alicante beach, to name just a few.

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