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Living abroad as an expat, whether in Spain or elsewhere sunny and warm, can be exciting, adventure-filled and stimulating, but it can also be a little imposing, leaving us feeling vulnerable and less than confident in dealing with an unfamiliar environment, particularly in relation to the handling of financial affairs.

Fortunately, Blacktower has a long and proud track record of providing fully regulated and trustworthy financial advice in Spain to a range of clients, including those who work there, those who have retired to the country and those who are domiciled there for other reasons.

Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, Blacktower is here to help you by providing expertly tailored financial advice.

Our advisors – what you need to know

Our specialists have the authority and credibility which comes from having regular dealings with cross border finance – something we have been doing since our inception in 1986. We are a global firm, but work under regulation of the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar, a similar organisation to the FCA in the UK. We consider maintaining a positive relationship with both our clients and this regulator to be of paramount concern to our operation.

Additionally, you can take reassurance from the following facts:

  • Our advisors are Registered with the CNMV (La Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) in Spain
  • Blacktower is registered with the Dirección General de Seguros (DGS) in Spain
  • We work across the UK, Spain and all of Europe
  • We provide bespoke financial solutions that are tailored to your needs

Informed choices for an empowered future

Ensuring that your money works efficiently for you is at the heart of the Blacktower ethos. But achieving this inevitably takes planning.

Whether you are considering the value of an actively managed fund or you need an intelligent and legal way to ring fence your funds, we can help you generate income and capital growth. If you need an expert IFA in Spain, Blacktower is here to help.

The same goes for tax planning. We can help you explore every available option in relation to planning for Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Wealth Tax and more. This extends to other areas of finance; Spain has a law requiring residents to declare details of all overseas assets using a form known as Modelo 720 and we can help you best manage the full financial implications of this.

In addition, we can assist with all matters relating to pensions. For example, we can help you achieve a successful transfer of funds into a ‘Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme’ – QROPS. If you have not already retired, we can ensure that your retirement planning is in place to give you confidence in your financial future and that of your family.

We understand that empowerment and financial freedom comes from structuring your finances in such a way as to ensure that you control them rather than have them control you – this is achieved by marrying your best interests with our specialism and expertise.

Blacktower – making a difference to your finances

At Blacktower our strength is derived from our relationships: the relationships within Blacktower, our relationship with our regulator, our relationship with our investment funds and other parties and, of course, our relationships with our clients.

As our client, your needs are paramount. This means we take time to understand your attitude to risk by analysing your personal requirements and offering tailored advice for your portfolio.

Blacktower can be contacted at anytime that is convenient for you, including evenings and weekends. Simply use the form above, send us an email us or call us directly.

Furthermore, our advisors can come to you, free of charge, wherever you live – our offices of financial advisers in Spain cover all the major regions, and we are happy to come to your doorstep.

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