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Expat financial services could help arrest income decline

However, expats in other destinations would also be likely to benefit from solid expat financial services; the study reports that pensioners in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and North America are also facing difficult financial questions coupled at a time when they are coming to terms with declining income. In fact, only pensioners in South Africa and Jamaica have actually seen their income rise over the past decade.

The study was carried out by Equiniti Group which oversees the payment of more than 60,000 pensions.

“Expat pensioners are always at the behest of the currency exchange rollercoaster, but after a period of the pound strengthening, the retirement income that they received has dipped again for most,” commented Andy Brown, managing director at Equiniti International Payments.

It is clearly a critical time for British expats abroad and the value of solid and authoritative expat financial advice has never been clearer, whether it relates to QROPS or QNUPs transfers, wealth management or regular savings. As has always been the case, good timely advice has the potential to make a real difference.

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Wealth Tax to be Scrapped in Andalucia

The President of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, announced on Monday that Wealth Tax will be scrapped in Andalucia from the 21st of September. This will apply to both Spanish nationals and to those who have a secondary residence there. The region follows Madrid as the second region to subsidize this tax.  This is being done […]

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What have you done with your pension money?

BlacktowerFM - Euro PensionsIf you are thinking of cashing in your UK pension or have already done so, what will you be doing with the money?

An in-depth independent survey of Royal London customer behavior reveals a significant number of people, over 26%, have or plan to leave their pension savings languishing in low interest rate bank accounts. This means people run the risk of running out of money too soon and seeing their money dwindle away through poor rates of return.

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