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Expat financial services could help arrest income decline

However, expats in other destinations would also be likely to benefit from solid expat financial services; the study reports that pensioners in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and North America are also facing difficult financial questions coupled at a time when they are coming to terms with declining income. In fact, only pensioners in South Africa and Jamaica have actually seen their income rise over the past decade.

The study was carried out by Equiniti Group which oversees the payment of more than 60,000 pensions.

“Expat pensioners are always at the behest of the currency exchange rollercoaster, but after a period of the pound strengthening, the retirement income that they received has dipped again for most,” commented Andy Brown, managing director at Equiniti International Payments.

It is clearly a critical time for British expats abroad and the value of solid and authoritative expat financial advice has never been clearer, whether it relates to QROPS or QNUPs transfers, wealth management or regular savings. As has always been the case, good timely advice has the potential to make a real difference.

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Alternatives for Savers?

Blacktower Alternative SavingsYour cash is earning nothing in the bank, in fact it’s actually losing its worth in all probability because of the corrosive effect of inflation.  Even ostriches have to raise their heads at some point, if only to breathe.

Quite frankly it’s time for people to start taking control of their money instead of letting the banks bleed them.  In the days we are in now with increased life expectancy, a longer wait for retirement and the pension freedoms that there are around, there could not be a better time for savers to act and improve their lot.  So you go to see a financial adviser, what is he going to say?

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Why use an IFA….

Blacktower Financial Management - Why Use An IFAWe believe that you need to do your homework before making any investment decision. That may include reading financial publications, researching online, and discussing options with your friends and family. Many people, however, find the task of selecting investments too daunting to undertake on their own. To invest responsibly, they do their homework, and they seek the professional guidance and advice of a financial adviser.

Benefit from the Experience of a Financial Adviser

We encourage investors to take a long-term view when they invest. By looking down the road, many people realise that they do not have the experience, time, training or patience to make informed investment decisions alone. That is where the value of an investment professional really makes a difference. 

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