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Grand Cayman wealth management benefits from technology

It is good to see that our competitors are also beginning to cotton on to the benefits offered by technological advances in the wealth management sector, with 60 per cent of wealth managers conceding that fintech poses a real threat to those financial advisors and wealth managers who fail to innovate.

“Sophisticated investors are still willing to pay for expert knowledge and advice, so the human adviser will never be completely replaced. However, the rise of new distribution models and players means the wealth management industry is on the cusp of change,” commented Iain Chidgey, vice president of Delphix, the firm which commissioned the research.

The great thing about wealth management technology is that it offers more for less, improving customer outcomes, enhancing in-house efficiency and increasing client acquisition.

Most important, however, is the way firms choose to implement this innovation; as one of the most comprehensive and experienced wealth management companies around, Blacktower understands that although technology is useful to increase client gains and efficiency, it cannot ever be a substitute for human advice and interaction.

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The biggest saving regret? Not starting sooner

Hourglass“Non, je ne regrette rien”.

Expats in France may be able to translate this famous song title to “No, I regret nothing,” which is ideally what every saver wants to be able to say as they reach the end of their expat retirement planning period and look forward to moving abroad to their own personal paradise.

But not everyone has the initiative to stay on top of their pension pot, and it might be interesting for the younger generation to hear what older workers and retirees have to say about their pension saving experiences and what they would do differently if they could turn back the clock.

With this in mind, research recently released by Aegon, which asked pension savers about which decisions regarding their pensions they regretted the most, could prove very useful and serve as a firm reminder of why sufficient retirement planning isn’t something to leave until the eleventh hour.

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UK Property – Still a Good Investment?

Door painted with Union FlagBack in 2018, for the first time in a decade, rents across the UK fell, which was good news for many. However, it prompted landlords to consider whether the notion of ‘easy money’ was coming to an end. So, what is a good investment property?

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