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Blacktower MD, John Westwood, to take FEIFA forward into Brexit as Chairman

 “I am looking forward to the challenges ahead, particularly as the UK faces the prospect of Brexit and all the change that this may bring about for the financial services sector.  FEIFA exists to benefit members and consumers alike,  and aims to ensure both are protected under the stringent legal and regulatory framework in place for our industry. As the UK’s withdrawal from the EU goes ahead, IFAs will be at the forefront in ensuring consumers financial dealings are secure,” John says.

FEIFA was set up in the wake of the global economic downturn which commenced in 2007. The organisation’s main aims are to bring the highest standards of professionalism to bear on an industry which has, at times, suffered in the wake of regrettable actions from a minority of individuals.

As a result, FEIFA only accepts IFAs and financial services companies following a formal and rigorous vetting and due diligence procedure which assures consumers that its members uphold legal and regulatory requirements in all day-to-day activities.

Paul Stanfield, Chief Executive of FEIFA commented “John has brought a wealth of industry and advisory sector experience to our Board in recent times and I am personally very pleased that he will be our new Chairman. Following the Brexit vote we will no doubt see significant change in our world over the next 12 months and beyond. FEIFA will ensure that our members are kept fully informed and advised during the whole process, and John’s know-how will be invaluable in this, I am sure”.

As the founder and Group Managing Director of Blacktower, John Westwood has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector and has built up one of the longest standing wealth management companies in the UK, EU, and the Caribbean, and has provided a wide infrastructure which enables expats access to trusted advice on all manner of financial decisions, from pensions and tax solutions to equity investments. 


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The best 5 cities to live in Spain

Spanish CityIn popular culture, Spain is synonymous with sunshine, Paella, Flamenco and endless golden beaches.  All of which paint a familiar, and perhaps slightly old-fashioned view, of the fourth biggest member of the E.U.

There’s a lot more to this huge country than the easy stereotypes might suggest. There’s sunshine if you want it, but there’s also snow, desert, dense ancient forests where bears still roam free, and sleepy hill towns that appear not to have changed in a hundred years – nor seem likely to, in a hundred more.

There’s so much to commend it to the traveler, that they can be forgiven for beginning to dream a little, of what it might be like to live there, for real… for good. Let’s take a look at 5 cities in Spain where the prospective expat might think of living la vida local.

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Number of Expats looking for buy-to-let property increases

Buy to LetFor expats, when it comes to money, planning ahead is essential so that your financial future remains stable.

There are several effective ways to get prepared, which include everything from taking out a suitable life insurance policy for expats, moving your pension into an overseas scheme so that you get tax advantages on your retirement savings, and making smart decisions on investment opportunities so they will provide worthwhile returns in the future.

One major investment opportunity that increasing numbers of British expats are keen to be a part of is the buying of UK property to then rent out to tenants – AKA buy-to-let.

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