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Are you willing to turn to ‘robo-advice’?

 As a result, robo-advice was developed. Do you think it sounds like science fiction? Well, major financial institutions are starting to get in on the action. Royal Bank of Scotland recently announced that 220 of its staff could be replaced by robo advice. The trouble is, there are concerns that all investors could be placed in too broad an investment strategy that does not adequately cater for their investment needs or take into account their tax position, such as a likely inheritance. In addition, the existing online advice propositions still require investors to do a lot of decision making, such as picking which funds they want to be invested in. 

In Spain you are lucky as you still have the opportunity to see a financial adviser without having to pay an up-front fee, thus rendering the service available to everyone. In these worrying and bewildering times it is essential – if you want to make the most of your money – to see a professional to give you guidance.

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Why You Don’t Need A Financial Adviser in This Crisis

Francisco MahfuzThe market crashed because people panicked, but their fears were exaggerated.

The market collapsed again because Covid-19 is the end of the world as we know it.

The markets came back because the US government agreed a 2-trillion relief package. Then they crashed because that wasn’t enough.

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Your Expat Pension and Exceeding the Lifetime Allowance

CalculatorThe pensions tax relief Lifetime Allowance (LTA), otherwise known as the pension lifetime limit, should be an area of active concern for any expat with a high-value pension.

Despite this, far too many wealth management clients have insufficient knowledge of precisely what the pension lifetime limit is and they could be affected. In fact, significant numbers of expats may be unwittingly breaching the LTA pension limit, oblivious to the possible consequences.

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