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Life in the US offers a wealth of options with a myriad of opportunities across its states.

Average yearly wage

50,000 USD

Average retirement age


Average weekly working hours



US Dollars (USD)

Whether you prefer a busy metropolis, elegant suburbs or quiet towns, the USA offers most of us the chance to find our dream location.

Living in the US

The US still feels like a relatively young country that has thrived on the ingenuity and ambition of its people. It is incredibly diverse, from bustling cities like New York and Miami, to quiet and conservative small towns in the country.

Cost of living in US

  • Pint of beer – $4.75
  • Cappuccino – $3.00
  • Meal in a restaurant – $13.00
  • Monthly rent for apartment – $1,125 ($3,000 New York)

Benefits of living in US

Economic strength

The US is the world’s biggest economy and the US dollar is the primary reserve currency. This strength has helped the USA weather the storms of financial crisis better than most.

Quality of life

Even if you live in a big city in the US, you’re never too far from wide open spaces with fresh air and beautiful landscapes. There are vast lakes, rugged mountains and spectacular coastlines that feel like they go on forever.

Can do attitude

It’s easy to see the positivity and optimism of the country on a daily basis. With skyscrapers, 9 lane highways and even Disneyland this is a nation where they believe if you build it big and deliver great service, you’ll succeed.

Education and healthcare

It’s well known that the US isn’t the place for universal healthcare and education. However, if you have the means you will have access to some of the best healthcare and education in the world, where there has been no shortage of investment in excellent facilities, staff and research.

Best places to move to in US

New York City

Most people probably feel that they already know New York City well, even if they have never visited. Through numerous movies and TV series, the city is in the global consciousness. It is the largest city in the States and with Wll Street, hosts the primary global financial market. Therefore, there are a plethora of financial services companies, legal and professional service firms. It’s the city that never sleeps, so you’ll never be short of new restaurants, bars or clubs to try.


The Sunshine State. The beautiful weather, fantastic beaches and the Evergaldes National Park are a big draw for many. Whether you are looking for a more laid back lifestyle enjoying the weather or are seeking the bustle of cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Florida can offer it all.

Managing your finances in US

We work to ensure that our clients are matched with the right financial products and services wherever in the world they live.

Our representatives can assist you with the full range of financial matters and wealth management services, including inheritance tax planning, pension planning, pension transfer schemes, savings and investments.

We listen to you to ensure that our expertise is fully directed towards helping you achieve your objectives.

Why not talk to Blacktower’s independent financial advisers to plan for a more secure and prosperous financial future today. Contact us and we can arrange a call at a time that suits you.

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