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A little planning goes a long way when accumulating wealth.

Regular savings are the foundation of many long-term wealth management plans. Whether a client is investing in the stock market, planning retirement finances and pensions, saving for education fees or creating a legacy for beneficiaries or charity, a regular monthly amount can go a long way towards meeting long-term financial goals.

However, a successful regular savings plan is about more than simply putting any surplus income into a bank savings account. In many cases, the reality of doing this may be only slightly more advantageous than putting bank notes in a shoe box.

Instead, the best way to securely accumulate capital while also allowing for growth in the long-term is likely to be the use of a flexible, monthly savings vehicle.

About Blacktower UK

Blacktower UK is a leading wealth management firm with more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Our approach is based on close relationships and a commitment to ongoing service. This means that we listen to our clients to gain in-depth understanding of their circumstances, budget, risk tolerance and goals. We then provide them with the products, services and plans appropriate to their profile, while also providing them with regular reviews of their situations and a reliable point-of-contact for their peace-of-mind and security.

We work hard to help our existing clients achieve their financial aspirations and this remains our paramount concern. However, we are open to extending our client list to those who have received a recommendation or who have significant investing potential and wish us to develop an overarching wealth management strategy.

How Regular Savings Work

Regular savings are a tried and tested way to accumulate wealth and to build an investment portfolio. The sooner an investor starts putting money into a savings pot, in whatever form that might be, the greater the potential gains. The power of compound interest means that the longer a person saves, the more interest they earn and the more interest they earn on their interest.

Regular savings can help take the anxiety out of investment management; by making regular contributions rather investing a one-off lump sum, savers can avoid the pressure of needing to time things correctly or the financial demands inherent in such a large outlay.

Regular contributions can help build investment in the following kinds of vehicles:

  • Regular ISAs
  • Stocks and Shares ISAs
  • Junior ISAs (
  • Fund and Share Accounts
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

Blacktower UK – Bespoke Wealth Management for Select Clients

Regular savings shouldn’t be just about the proverbial rainy day; as part of a broader wealth management strategy, they can provide for education fees, for home improvements or mortgage deposits, for children or grandchildren, for a pension pot or simply to accumulate and grow wealth.

Blacktower UK works with its select group of existing clients to help them use regular savings to achieve their goals; whether this is through an ISA or another type of account depends on their goals and circumstances.

If you are an existing client and would like help with your regular savings or if you have recently been recommended our services and would like regular savings to form part of your broader pre- and post- retirement planning, contact us today.

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