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Employee Benefits and Employer Protection

The complete range of solutions for you and your employees.

Blacktower UK specialises in providing personalised wealth management and inheritance tax planning services. Furthermore, for existing clients of Blacktower UK, we offer additional services, including advice and products related to employee benefits and employer protection.

Offer your employees more

It requires more than mere money to attract the best staff and ensure their ongoing positive morale and loyalty. Employee benefits and employer protection can help you achieve this by increasing your profile and tax efficiency while simultaneously building loyalty and reducing recruitment expenses within your employee base.

Whether you are the sole or part owner of a business, it is important to protect your business and its employees. Examples of potentially beneficial employment services include the following:

  • Group Death-in-Service & Critical Illness Cover
  • Relevant Life Policies
  • Group Private Medical Insurance
  • Group Income Protection
  • Group Personal Pensions – Auto Enrolment
  • Keyperson Assurance
  • Shareholder Protection Policies

The benefits of employment services

Employee benefits and employer protections can not only increase employee loyalty, they can also aid a business’s productivity and protect profits in the event of unexpected events such as an accident, sickness or the development of disability in a member of the workforce. They allow flexibility to respond positively to otherwise detrimental events, particularly for employers of a large workforce.

Determine your needs

The employee benefit and employer protection needs of a business will depend on its individual circumstances and requirements, and these will vary depending on tax circumstances and entitlement to tax relief.

Whatever the case, ensuring the right level of benefits and protection should be considered of paramount importance to any business owner.

Blacktower UK – More than 30 Years of Wealth Management

Blacktower UK has been helping UK clients with their pre- and post- retirement planning for more than 30 years. As a service-driven firm this includes regular client reviews to ensure full legal and tax compliance and the possible benefits of employee and employer protections.

Although we specialise in catering to the needs of our existing clients and as such only offer additional services as part of our ongoing service, we may be able to assist you if pursuit of employee benefits and employer protection forms part of a broader and overarching wealth management strategy.

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