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Real estate buying and investing solutions in the UK and overseas.

Buying property, whether at home or abroad, is often complex and requires a clear financial plan if it is to be achieved with confidence.

Getting your mortgage right is perhaps the most important part of this as it is essential that your mortgage aligns with your current financial needs and works towards your broader financial aims over the long-term.

As a domestic wealth management company of more than thirty years’ experience Blacktower UK helps its select group of clients optimise their finances. In the case of certain existing clients, this may include help finding the right mortgage. Read on for more information about some of the important considerations that might form part of this process.

Planning a mortgage

If you are looking to find a way to reduce the potential cost of your mortgage borrowing, you are likely to be best placed by ensuring you have access to the entire mortgage market. This should help you have greater scope and flexibility to find the deal that is most appropriate for your circumstances. Think carefully before instructing any firm that limits its range of providers.

Residential, commercial and foreign mortgages

It is important to draw a distinction between residential, commercial and foreign properties. These different circumstances are likely to require a very different type of financial plan.

For example, an investor who is looking for a mortgage on a commercial property may wish to consider the possibility of using a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) in order to reduce costs and to grow their wealth in line with their broader strategy.

Types of mortgage services

Finding the right mortgage is about more than simply connecting with a product. Success should be based on understanding how a mortgage fits in with your wider assets and investment goals.

Depending on a client’s circumstances, any one of the following products may be suitable:

  • Purchase, re-mortgage and further advances
  • First Time Buyers/Guarantor Mortgages/Shared Ownership/Share Appreciation
  • Investment Properties (Buy to Let)
  • Equity Release (Lifetime Mortgage/Home Reversion)
  • Long and short-term funding
  • Unsecured, secured and development finance
  • Expat mortgages

Blacktower UK – pre- and post- retirement planning

Blacktower UK assists its existing clients with all the important aspects of their pre- and post- retirement planning, including, where necessary, property purchases in the UK, purchases abroad, mortgage liability consolidation and property-related inheritance tax planning.

Existing clients are always free to contact us for an update, a review of their finances or assistance with a specific challenge or capital expense. We are also open to the possibility of helping new clients who have significant assets, or who have been recommended to us by one of our current clients, with their broader wealth management and inheritance planning concerns.

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