Top 10 Reasons to consider QROPS for your pension transfer overseas


Top 10 Reasons to consider QROPS for your pension transfer overseas

Did you know that if you are a UK expat, living abroad, you could use a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) to move your pension overseas with you?

Here are the top benefits to using a QROPS to help you enjoy your retirement even more:

  1. Consolidation of multiple pensions
  2. Currency flexibility
  3. Funds fully conferred on to heirs after death
  4. Investment flexibility and control
  5. No need to buy an annuity
  6. Possibility to lessen UK income tax or death charges up to 45%
  7. Safe and well-regulated jurisdictions
  8. No hidden charges
  9. Potential 30% pension initial lump sum
  10. Enjoy your retirement to the full.

If you want to enjoy your retirement to it’s full extent, why not contact Blacktower Financial Management’s expert team, who have been supporting and servicing Expats across Europe for nearly 30 years.

Request a no obligation call back today to start your conversation with your Independent Financial Advisor who can help you discover just how much you could benefit.

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