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The Blacktower Group’s Banking & Finance Client Division has been created to support the needs of our professional clients who have dedicated experience in the field.

This means that the advice that every client receives is not only tailored specifically to their requirements, but the adviser handling their finances is well versed in the nuances of banking pensions.

The advisers servicing this division are primarily ex-banking and finance individuals, with both international and local expertise spanning from some of the world’s leading banks, including Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, SEB, Danske Bank and Dresdner.

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Our initial meeting is a no charge, no obligation appointment where your adviser will give you more information about who Blacktower is, and discuss in more detail how our products and services can benefit you.

Understanding our clients
Before giving any advice, it is imperative that we have a clear understanding of the client’s current financial situation, future goals and attitude to risk. This helps us give the bespoke advice that we are known for, and structure a portfolio created around the individual.

Before you receive any form of official counsel from Blacktower, we implement our mandatory 6i methodology.

Simply, six eyes will thoroughly vet the proposed advice before it is sent to you. The first check will come from the paraplanner writing the recommendations. Secondly, this is surveyed by the Head of Department, before being sent to our diligent Compliance team for a final review.

Our investment approach
At BFMI, we believe in long-term investing through a top down approach, with emphasis on costs. The majority of portfolios that we manage will have a large exposure to developed markets through Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), with satellite investments into commodities and emerging markets.

Blacktower Banking and Finance Division

The Blacktower Group’s Banking & Finance Client Division is here to support our professional clients. You can get in touch with us today by using our contact form at the top of the page or by calling +350 200 42353. We look forward to assisting you.

Disclaimer: BFMI advisers do not give tax advice. Clients will receive independent tax advice from an external tax professional or seek their own advice.

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