This questionnaire is designed to help you consider your attitude towards investment risk.
About you – your overall general attitude toward investment risk
1. Which age range do you fall into?
2. How many years of experience do you have with investment products the value of which can fluctuate (including ‘buy and hold’ and active trading)? Investment products the value of which can fluctuate could include, for example, stocks, unit trusts, foreign currencies, commodities, structured investments, warrants, options, futures, investment-linked insurance plans.
3. Are you currently holding any of the below investment products?
4. Approximately what percentage of your assets (excluding own use property) is currently held in investment products where they can fluctuate?
5. Over a period of time the value of investments can rise and fall, this is called fluctuation Generally, the higher the investment risk the higher the potential fluctuation but also the higher the potential returns. On the other hand, the lower the potential fluctuation but also the lower the potential returns. What level of fluctuation would you generally be comfortable with?
6. Normally, what percentage of your monthly household income could be available for investment or savings?
7. It is generally true that the longer the investment horizon, the higher the risk an investor can tolerate. What time horizon would you generally be comfortable with when investing in products that value of which fluctuate? Please refer to question 2 for examples of such products.
8. How many months of your share of household expenses have you put aside to meet unforeseen events?
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