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What happens if you have no pension left?

A recent report looked at America, Australia, Switzerland Canada and Denmark.  All these countries have similar freedoms in place to those in the UK. The report looked at how pensioners spent their money in those countries.  

Alarmingly, if the Brits spent like the Ozzies 40% would run out of money at age 75! 10 years into retirement. Leaving for men an average further 12 years relying on the state pension alone.

In the study it was clear that the ones most affected in terms of detriment to their life styles was the middle class who were used to a better standard of living.

Because of the new “flat-rate” state pension, which comes in next year, and pensioners credit, retirees who run out of private pension savings are at low risk of falling into poverty but pensioners would be at “substantial” risk of falling below other poverty indicators, such as the “low income” threshold at 70pc of typical income. 

The warnings are clear, please do not dice with your pension, if you make the wrong choices you could regret it for most of the rest of your life.

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NEWS WRAP – 2019 Was the Year of the Bulk Pension Transfer

Pension FundsThe value of defined benefit pension scheme transfers in 2018 was an all time-high of £24 billion.

In 2019 the value of pension scheme transfers, according to Willis Towers Watson (WTW)*, is likely to be around £40 billion, which represents a substantial increase and a further record breaking amount.

The figures describe a market in which final salary pension schemes are increasingly transferred in favour of the opportunities and returns to be found in alternative products and investments.

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Latest diary of a fund manager by David Miller

David MillerExecutive Director at Quilter Cheviot Investment Management

Over the last couple of years it has paid to be prudent about one’s optimism. Funded by Quantitative Easing, economic growth was expected to top 3% per annum by a comfortable margin. That always seemed too ambitious to me, but a 2% world with low inflation was still a good place for investors.

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