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UK Managing Director, Ritchie Salkeld, Celebrates 50 Years in Financial Services

This month sees our UK Managing Director, Ritchie Salkeld, celebrate his 50th anniversary in financial services. Also approaching his 12 year anniversary at Blacktower, Ritchie has been a pivotal part in the development of the firm and has been responsible for overseeing the UK side of the business, running operations in the picturesque surroundings of Fetcham Park where the office is located.

Group Chairman, John Westwood reflects that ‘Ritchie is an invaluable asset to Blacktower. His experience in the industry combined with his leadership skills and charisma make him an intrinsic part of the company structure. I would like to thank Ritchie for all that he has brought to the UK office and to the wider team at Blacktower. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Ritchie over the years will have found his enthusiastic and caring nature infectious. A true stalwart of the industry. We have been lucky to have him.’

Ritchie’s career initially began in the North-East of England, where he started out as a life Manager. After finding his calling in financial advice, he then moved to the South East, where he still lives today and established his own company. Blacktower UK purchased Ritchie’s business, Salkeld and Co, and then appointed Ritchie as UK MD of Blacktowers UK company. In his 50 years of service he has acquired a wealth of qualifications, accreditations and knowledge in financial services. However, his area of expertise is predominantly in retirement and inheritance tax planning.

Ritchie himself reflects that he has had ‘an extensive and enriching career. Although challenging at times it has also, undeniably, been satisfying. I knew from a young age that my calling was this industry and yet I am still humbled and delighted to be celebrating this milestone today. If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. I have loved every minute. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful clients for the chance to work so closely with them over the years. It has been a pleasure. So many of you started as clients and have become dear friends.’

We are delighted to have an individual as charismatic, knowledgeable and experienced as Ritchie as part of the Blacktower team and hope we will be celebrating his 60th anniversary 10 years from now.

Happy 50th anniversary, Ritchie!

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