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Sevilla tiene un color especial…

The venue, The Gran Melia Colon, a five star hotel in the centre of this great city. An absolutely stunning location; with good facilities and a warm and welcoming staff.

Joining the Blacktower family that day were sponsors such as Quilter Cheviot, RL360, SEB International, VAM Funds, IDAD, Novia International and Momentum Pensions – along with a list of personal invitees of both friends and close colleagues who have been a party to Blacktower’s success over these 30 years.

This was also a celebration of what John Westwood, Group MD, has created through his lateral thinking, leadership, innovation and drive…something he shared with the audience in his closing speech – thanking all for their support and dedication.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr Paul Brown, created laughter and tears throughout the evening through his well scripted dialogue supported by some exquisite video production.

The evening’s ceremony also saw a special recognition award presented by Ally Kerr and Anita Pembery go to Jan Bjorkmann who has decided to retire this year.

Further recognition for services went to; Jane Woodard, who was presented an award by UK Managing Director, Ritchie Salkeld, while Francisco Mahfuz and Sophie Barton presented Lisa Friday’s with an award for service.

Presenting the award for Top Team 2015 were Patrick MacDonald and Lisa Friday; in the running were the Costa del Sol and Barcelona, Spain, and The Hague in the Netherlands. A huge congratulations to The Hague for claiming top spot.

Then came the top three individual prizes; to present these awards we saw Robert Mancera, General Manager and Director of BFMI along with Group Marketing Manager, Kelly Roberts. Nominations included; Paul Rhodes (winner of the 2014 award); Laura Mann from Tenerife, Manuela Robinson from the Algarve, Michael Fleming and Barry Townsend from The Hague and Patrick MacDonald from the Costa del Sol. Third place was awarded to Manuela, 2nd place to Paul Rhodes which left top spot to Laura Mann. Huge congratulations to Laura for a fantastic year.

The evening’s events were supported by the Rat Pack Tribute Band who had the attendees dancing, singing and swooning. BFM Group would like to thank all who participated and supported the event.



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The tax advantages of living in Gibraltar

GibraltarLocated at the Southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, the British overseas territory of Gibraltar looks South over the confluence of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This small but strategically important isthmus of land, is home to over 32,000 people in just 6.7 km2 (2.6 miles2) of land. As a British crown dependency, the laws and language are those of the United Kingdom, but Spanish is also widely spoken along with the hybridised form of the two known as Llanito. Due to its location and close links with the UK, Gibraltar has long been a favoured destination by British expats looking for sunnier climes and an attractive tax regime. Although it’s not quite as well-known as some other offshore territories such as Monaco and the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar tax rates make it a very attractive choice for anyone looking to relocate within easy striking distance of the UK and Western Europe.

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Could No-Deal Brexit Make British Pensions for Expats Illegal?

British coinsFollowing on from last week’s blog on pension passporting, written by Rosemary Sheppard, Blacktower IFA in France, The Independent newspaper has now warned that British expats abroad could have their cash flow placed in peril by a no-deal Brexit.

While the talks around Brexit and expat pensions are certainly newsworthy, the reporting of pension payments becoming “illegal”, as stated in The Independent’s headline, is pretty implausible.

The story, published on July 25 2018, said the Association of British Insurers (ABI) had told parliament’s Exiting the European Union select committee of the “plausible” risk that payments from British bank accounts could become unviable.

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