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“Quick” divorces – new legislation in Italy

Previously a three-year separation was required in either case and, whilst not being particularly permissive given that a separation period is still needed, this legislation will speed up the civil process and is therefore a welcome change.

The new law modifies Art. 3 of Italian Law no. 898/1970.

Whilst in an ideal world it would be nice if all families could stay together and live in harmony until death, we have to accept that going through a divorce is becoming increasingly more common in this modern era. Becoming independent again can be very stressful for most especially as it can involve organising your wealth/settlement in a new way. We help individuals to invest capital to give them piece of mind, income streams and protection levels in line with their needs and desires, whilst incorporating tax efficiency and estate planning features at the same time. 


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New tax changes could cause problems for expat landlords

£20 notes in shape of a houseWhen you move abroad to a popular expat destination, whether that’s to France, Italy, Spain, or Grand Cayman, good wealth management is key to ensuring you’ll enjoy your life abroad to the fullest.

Proper financial planning should ensure you have enough saved for retirement, but some people are always looking for ways to boost their pension pots. One of the key methods used by many expat retirees to accomplish this is by owning a UK property and renting it out.

However, expats who rely on rental profits from buy-to-let properties back home for a steady stream of income may face issues thanks to new tax changes, which apply to all landlords letting out UK property regardless of where in the world they themselves reside.

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