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Portugal becomes Europe’s most popular destination for American Expats

Research reveals that Portugal is quickly becoming the favourite location for Americans moving overseas to Europe, outranking the previously preferred destinations of Spain and France for the first time.

With its beautiful and varied landscape, fantastic food and welcoming locals, Portugal has always been a popular location for expats, both working and retired. However, in recent years, this popularity has surged dramatically, particularly with Americans looking to find a new home in Europe.

Research by assessing data surrounding ‘moving to’ google searches revealed that while France and Spain were the go-to destinations for American expats over the past decade or so, Portugal has surpassed both in terms of interest from the US population. It is not only these previously favoured locations that have been overshadowed by the ‘rising star’ of Portugal, but also other popular destinations such as Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

The research into search trends concerning the phrase ‘real estate in’ suggests that a considerable proportion of these Americans looking to emigrate to Portugal are also considering committing to the purchase of property there too, in turn implying that they are intending to stay in the country long term, or even permanently. This is probably due in part to the fact that property is significantly cheaper in Portugal than the US, with the median price of a Portuguese house in 2022 working out at $138 per square foot, well below the $202 US equivalent cost.

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Other News

Expats Mount Fresh Referendum Challenge

EU FlagBritish expats in Spain, France, and Italy are behind a legal challenge submitted to the High Court in London calling on the result of the 2016 referendum to be invalidated.

Those behind the legal action argue that the outcome should not stand as it has now been proven that the Leave campaign broke the Electoral Commission’s rules on campaign spending.

The “UK in EU Challenge” group states its belief that two major campaign groups — BeLeave and Vote Leave – conducted their campaigns unlawfully, preventing the possibility of a free and fair vote.

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Tax evasion

As we all know we have been told time and time again that, because of the world´s economic state, we all have to pay as much tax to the governments as humanly possible and that, if we try to hide any money, we will be heavily penalised. Well, yet again it has been proved that there is one rule for us and another rule for them – by them I mean the 1% that are super wealthy, politicians, or large corporations. 

Governments, tax authorities, journalists and experts on tax evasion and avoidance on Monday tax evasionwere digesting news of a major leak of confidential and reportedly revealing documents from a Panamanian law firm. Some are calling it the biggest leak of confidential information ever to hit the global financial services industry.

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