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Details of new pension transfers course released

(R01) Financial services, regulation and ethics
(R02) Investment principles and risk
(R04) Pensions and retirement planning

The qualification is designed to benefit pension transfers on both the domestic and international stages. As such it will be open to candidates from across the world, including those who specialise in pension transfers in Grand Cayman. However, much of the course’s content will relate specifically to fund transfers in the UK so it is anticipated that most of the course’s intake will be drawn from UK based fund managers and advisors.

However, the original content of the course, AF7, will be of interest to an international audience as it focuses on many of the practical skills and challenges associated with international pension transfers.

The Chartered Insurance Institute said that it is confident the new qualification will fill a void in the market while also helping to safeguard the interests of parties looking to make the most of the flexibility and freedoms on offer as a result of the government’s pension reforms.

“Greater freedom and choice for retirees and tighter controls around who needs to seek advice mean that pension transfers and related advice are now more relevant than ever. It is against this backdrop that we are stepping up our support, with a dedicated pension transfer qualification and exam unit,” commented CII development director Steve Jenkins.

It may be that pension transfers specialists in Grand Cayman will be among the first to enrol in the new course; the island has been recently taken aback, first by the result of the British EU referendum and then by the election of Donald Trump, with Premier Alden McLaughlin expressing concern about the impact of both political events. It is possible that the results could lead to a surge in the numbers of people from Britain and America looking to transfer pensions to Grand Cayman before the cold hard realities of the new transatlantic political paradigms set in.

Other News

Expats in Germany – the Insider Survey lowdown

Outline of GermanyGermany has always been a popular EU country with those who want to relocate. And it appears there is good reason for it.

The recently released Expat Insider Survey 2017 tells us a lot about the country and portrays several of its key aspects in a very positive light, which is why it’s no surprise that Germany has such a large expat community. Such information will be invaluable to those planning to relocate to Germany in the near future, as it gives them a better idea of the sort of lifestyle they can expect and what other expats’ experiences have been like.

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Is it time to update your savings and investments?

Blacktower FM - Euros

According to the Daily Mail Savers have £450 billion stuck in dinosaur savings and investment plans, millions are stuck with policies bought decades ago and which are no longer fit for purpose. Today, the returns they offer are rotten. Could this be you? Have you just let your financial planning take a back seat?  Well now is the time to act and make your money work for you.

Savings accounts and cash ISA´s 

Banks and building societies across the UK and the Banks in Spain have again slashed the interest rates they are offering on savings accounts and cash Isa´s , Lloyds, Halifax , Sabadell to name just a few.  The rates they are offering now are between 0% and if you are very lucky 0.75%.

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