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Need a bigger pond? We’re looking for a Senior Compliance Officer

We are looking for an individual to join our Compliance Department. The candidate must have at least 5 years’ experience within the Financial Services sector. They must also have at least three years’ experience in a Compliance Role.

The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate good interpersonal skills, have an excellent eye for detail and be an effective communicator. This person must also be a team player. Travel will be required throughout the EU.

We are committed to the personal development of our employees. Salary will be dependent on experience.

Please send your CV for the attention of

Robert Mancera, Director/General Manager 


Post: Suites 34 & 43 Victoria House, 26 Main Street, 

PO Box 1354, Gibraltar.

Closing date for the vacancy will be 1st of September 2015.

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Expats can stay strong in face of Brexit

It may have been close run thing but the UK has voted to end its membership of the European Union and now is an appropriate time for all concerned to consider the implications.

Fortunately, and despite the atmosphere of doom and gloom that has seemingly engulfed the country since the result, there is no need for any particular panic or even urgency. The exit process is expected to be long and drawn out, and although most experts predict it as inevitable there is still some realistic prospect of a renegotiation, particularly in light of David Cameron’s resignation.

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Residence or domicile? That is the question

One of the most frequently-asked questions asked by many of the 300,000 Expats living here in Spain is ‘am I resident or domicile?’ It is a good question, and one worth finding the answer to, as your residential status when living abroad affects the way in which you pay tax and how much you pay. 

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