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Is it time to update your savings and investments?

If a Bank, especially in Spain is offering more than this please be wary, the product they are offering will most probably be a structured product, though they often looked like a normal savings deal, these are based they were based on stock market performance. They usually offer a variety of these ranging from no risk, through low, medium to high risk. 

With the no risk ones  the return you get will depended on either the FTSE or Euro STOXX  50 hitting a number of targets over a set time — usually five years. They are sold as ‘guaranteed’ bonds, because if the stock market failed to do well, you are always going to get back the original money you put in. But in most cases the return on these has been minimal and you would have been better putting your money in a low risk tax efficient investment product. 

Share Isa´s

Not only are these not tax efficient if you are a Spanish tax resident, with most of the older style share ISA´s if you wanted to invest your Isa savings, you generally had to go directly to the investment management group running the fund.

This meant upfront charges of as much as 5 per cent and annual running fees of 1.75 per cent or more. For the first £1,000 invested, that’s £67.50 taken in one swipe.

If you wanted to have investments in two different funds, you had to have accounts with two different companies. This made it a mammoth task to keep on top of your investments, as they were all in different places. And if your fund stopped performing, it could take months to move to a different provider.

There is around £75 billion lurking in these old-fashioned fund manager Isa accounts, according to industry calculations.

But you don’t need to leave your money languishing in this way. It should be relatively straightforward to move your money out of one of these outdated Isa accounts and into a tax efficient investment.

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by Christina Brady, Regional Manager Costa Blanca    

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British expats in EU want pensions clarity

There has never been a better time than now for British nationals living in the EU to consolidate their retirement plans by properly investigating their expat pensions options.

Post-Brexit, sterling has fallen dramatically against the euro and for many the uncertainty surrounding expat pensions is causing understandable anxiety.

Currently, British expats living in the EU receive an annual rise in the state pension; however, this could change in the post-Brexit environment, meaning that many face the prospect of frozen pensions and as a result are giving serious consideration to the idea of returning to the UK.

While these uncertainties are not to be dismissed lightly it is worth remembering that exit negotiations are yet to begin and freedom of movement and state and expat pensions are all likely to be issues for discussion once talks do start.

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Defined benefit schemes – a ‘ticking time bomb’?

Following the news that no new buyer was interested in BHS and its £571 million pension deficit, a number of our clients with a working history in BHS got in touch with us to find out their position and options with regards to their future pensions. Unfortunately, it was too late as the window had closed. The BHS scheme got into the Pension Protection Fund, a statutory fund in the U.K., intended to protect pensioners if their pension fund becomes insolvent. What this means is that they are now locked in without any possibility of looking at alternatives and transferring out. For deferred members, this means a potential reduction in pension income as the PPF only compensates 90% of the income up to a certain cap.

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